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SAINT MARY’S ADMISSIONS NEWS – Updated June 22, 2016

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Admissions Summer Hours & Contacts

If you have questions regarding admissions between the dates of June 22 through August 8, please contact Linda Yaris, Associate Director of Admissions, at Please allow time for her to return your email. Cherisse Payne, Director of Admissions, will attending workshops and taking vacation during time. In the meantime, if you would like to sign-up for our admissions mailing list, please click here.



 Cherisse Payne, Admissions Director for Saint Mary’s College High School

Brother Edmond, President, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Lawrence Puck ’78 to the position of Saint Mary’s Vice President, and faculty member Ms. Cherisse Payne, as Director of Admissions, both effective July 1, 2016.

Cherisse, a graduate of Holy Names High School, Class of ’89 and Saint Mary’s Math Teacher since 2014, holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics, an M.A. in Math Education, and Teaching and Administration Credentials. She succeeds Larry in his position as Director of Admissions for Saint Mary’s, held since 1996, and will continue to teach Calculus. Larry is in his 37th year at Saint Mary’s.

Linda will continue as Associate Director of Admissions for Saint Mary’s, held since 1998. Linda is in her 20th year at Saint Mary’s.



 Saint Mary’s is not accepting mid-year transfer applications

Saint Mary’s remains at full enrollment for the 2016 school year. Saint Mary’s has an enrollment cap set by the City of Albany. We are not allowed to exceed the enrollment number set by the City.

If a seat does become available for a transfer student, the following is required:

Transfer students are required to have a B or above from their current high school in the following college prep subjects:




Students will be required to take a math placement test to demonstrate complete knowledge of high school algebra. Students are required to score 75% or above to qualify for geometry and entrance to Saint Mary’s. If the student passes this test and would like placement in algebra 2, there is an additional exam required.

Transfer students will be notified of the admissions decision when a seat becomes available.


redfingerAdmissions for the Class of 2020 is closed – March 15

As we wrote in your acceptance packets, please understand that Saint Mary’s is under a strict enrollment restriction set by the City of Albany. As a result, registration will remain open and active until we reach the student enrollment cap for the Class of 2020.

Registration Information: The registration portal will open on Friday, March 11. We will close the registration portal on Friday, March 18 at noon OR SOONER THAN MARCH 18, IF WE REACH OUR ENROLLMENT NUMBER EARLIER. If spaces are available after noon on March 18, the portal will remain open until all spaces are filled. Please understand that we accept 30% more students than we have seats. This decision is because many high school applicants apply to three or more schools. Some of the students we have accepted will decline Saint Mary’s and register at other schools.

We know many of you have been making tough decisions between several schools that have accepted your child. Unfortunately, due to our enrollment cap set by the City of Albany, we have to follow the registration instructions that were sent in the acceptance package and therefore, had to close the registration portal early.

The registration policy had been posted on our website for a few months, was in the printed materials sent in the registration packet, and was discussed at our Registration Information Night held Monday, March 14.

At this point, if you were offered acceptance into another school, we encourage you to accept their offer. If you have received an acceptance to Saint Mary’s and would still like to be considered for the registration waitlist, please click here and complete the information from the online form. In the past, we have been able to accept a few additional freshmen in the months of June and July.


 redfinger2016 – 2017 Admissions Calendar

The Admissions Calendar for 2016 – 2017 is ready for prospective eighth grade families.


Cherisse Payne, Director of Admissions –  Email 
Linda Yaris, Associate Director of Admissions-  Email