Opening of School Information 2018 – 2019



The important information below is for students and families in preparation for the opening days of school.

Please take the time to read each section carefully.

Thank you!

 Welcome letter from Lawrence Puck, President of Saint Mary’s College High School


Included in this posting is information regarding:

Orientation Schedules for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

New Parent Social and Information Night

Commuting to School

Student Parking Permit Application

Traffic and Parking Handbook

Required Student Drop-off and Pick-up Zones

Highlights from the Student & Parent Handbook

Health Form Reminder

Daily and Updated Information from Saint Mary’s

Online Book Store 2018 – 2019

Bell Schedules

Athletics – Fall Sports

Epicurean Food Service

Volunteer at Saint Mary’s

“Back to School Night” date and time



♦ Freshman Orientation and programs take place over a four-day period. The Orientation dates are August 16, 17, 20, & 21. The daytime orientations and programs are for students only.

♦ On Thursday, August 16, freshmen check-in at the Cross Plaza at 8:00 AM.

♦ Freshmen are to bring their iPads on Thursday, August 16.

♦ Freshmen are to be in school dress code for all orientation days.

♦ Lunch is provided for students on August 16 and 21. Students are to bring their lunch or they can purchase lunch from Epicurean Food Service on both August 17 and 20.

♦ Student body card and school photos will be taken on Thursday, August 16. Information regarding purchasing school photos can be found by clicking the School Photo Packet link below.

 All orientations and the freshman retreat are mandatory for freshman students.

Click here for the four-day Freshman Orientation & Program schedules and details.

Click here for photo packet information and prices 



Sophomore Orientation – Click here

Tuesday, August 21, 2017 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

Junior Orientation- Click here

Wednesday, August 22, 2017 – 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Senior Orientation- Click here

Thursday, August 23, 2017 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


♦ Please remember that student attendance at orientation is mandatory.

♦ All students need to bring their iPad to orientation.

♦ All students need to be in school dress code.

♦ Lunch is provided for each class.

♦ Student body card and school photos will be taken on orientation day. Information regarding purchasing school photos can be found by clicking here.

Click here for school photo packet information


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyNEW PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT Wednesday, August 15

Welcome new parents to the Saint Mary’s Community! You are invited and encouraged to attend this evening’s information night beginning with a new parent social followed by information sessions.

Freshman Parent Wine and Cheese Social at 5:15 PM – Meet members of the administration and school counselors.

Introductions begin at 6:00 PM.

WelcomeLawrence Puck, President

Overview of EveningMs. Cathy Molinelli, Vice Principal

Click here to download the New Parent Information Night Agenda

The program will conclude at approximately at 8:15 PM.

This evening is for parents only – students do not attend.


Saint Mary's Painther head only COMMUTING TO SCHOOL

The fewer cars, the better!

Saint Mary’s strongly encourages all students to take public transportation, carpool, bike, or walk to school. Saint Mary’s has bike racks located in the front and back of the school to secure student bicycles.  Carpooling is also strongly encouraged. Carpool information will be available for families at Freshman Parent Information Night and Back to School Night.

Take BART to Saint Mary’s: The North Berkeley BART Station is just four blocks from Saint Mary’s College High School. Click on the link below for information regarding the “Youth Clipper Card” which offers discounts for youth using BART. The orange paper BART tickets for students are no longer available.

Click here for the application for the Youth Clipper Card

Take AC Transit

The #688 and #25 stop two blocks from the entrance of the school. The #688 bus will begin service Monday, August 25. You may also click here to view a detailed #688 operating schedule. Click here to find the bus routes from your home to Saint Mary’s College High School. When entering the school’s address in the destination field, you can use: 1294 Albina Avenue, Berkeley, CA.



If you are a student applying for a parking permit, please make sure you read the following:

I am applying for a student-parking permit and agree to the following:

I will drive safely and slowly at all times.

I will keep my music down to a low level so that it cannot be heard outside my car.

I will only park in the designated areas and never park in front of any residences or businesses.

I will not drive on Hopkins Court before school, at lunch, or after-school.

I will display my permit at all times and will not give or sell my pass to anyone.

My passengers and I agree to behave in a manner that reflects positively on Saint Marys.

I have a valid California drivers license and will adhere to all vehicle laws.

Students who have applied for and have received a parking permit based on the premise of having a carpool may lose their permits if they are found not to be carpooling or driving the designated number of students.

Parking permits are non-transferrable.

Parking privileges can be revoked at any time due to rule violations or poor school behavioral conduct.

♦ Please download the 2018 – 2019 Student Parking Permit Application which is also posted at the end of this section. If you are having difficulty downloading the application, you can pick one up from Elizabeth Haro, Principal’s Assistant, during the hours of 10:00 to 3:00 PM in Saint Joseph’s Hall.

This application must be completed and submitted to Mr. Connor Banks, Dean of Students, by Wednesday, August 15.

 Do not include any money. Parking fees will be collected when permits are awarded. Students will receive an email in mid-August informing you of your parking application status.

♦  Permits will be granted first to those who carpool the greatest number of students. Non-carpool students are at risk of not receiving a permit and may only receive a permit after all carpool applications have been processed.

Click here to download the Student Parking Permit Application


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyTRAFFIC & PARKING HANDBOOK

Saint Mary’s operates under a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) granted by the City of Albany. The CUP sets forth guidelines for parking and traffic management. In addition to ensuring Saint Mary’s compliance with the CUP, the school Traffic and Parking Management Plan aims to achieve the following:

♦ Decrease automobile trips to and from school, thus reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gases;
♦ Support our community’s ability to use alternative modes of transit to and from school; and
♦ Respect our neighborhood through communication, reduced traffic levels, improved safety and increased livability.

The Saint Mary’s Community is required to follow the rules and guidelines written in the Traffic and Parking Handbook. Please take time to carefully read the information in this handbook.

Click here for the Traffic and Parking Handbook


  Saint Mary's Painther head onlyREQUIRED DROP-OFF AND PICK – UP ZONES

One of the attractive features of Saint Mary’s College High School is its location in a clean, safe, and pleasant residential neighborhood. Saint Mary’s wants to maintain a beautiful neighborhood environment we all can enjoy. Saint Mary’s strongly encourages using public transportation, forming carpools, bicycling, and walking to and from school. If you have to drive your child to school, please make sure to read and follow the rules for Saint Mary’s Drop-off Zones.

Freshman Drop-off on Monterey Avenue

Saint Mary’s requires that freshman parents who drive their child to school use the designated drop-off area on Monterey Avenue. The purpose of the freshman drop-off area is to disperse the amount of vehicles arriving to campus in the morning. This will alleviate traffic congestion at the Albina and Posen entrances.

♦ Parents must pull off of the street into either the drop-off zone in front of the Monterey Avenue gate entrance or into the bus stop

♦ Students who are dropped off in the drop-off zone should be careful but move quickly when exiting the car to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

♦ Please be sure to keep your music off.

♦ U-Turns are not allowed on Monterey Avenue.

♦ Please do not double park at or near any pick-up or drop-off zone.


Saint Mary's Painther head onlySophomore, Junior, and Senior Drop-off on Posen Street

Parents and students may not enter the Posen Street parking lot for morning drop-off or during the first 20 minutes of school. Parents who drop students off on Posen Street must pull forward, into the drop-off zone.

♦ Students who are dropped off in the drop-off zone should use care and swiftness when exiting the car to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

♦ No U-turns are allowed near the drop-off zone.

♦ Please be sure to keep your music off.

♦ Please do not double park at or near any pick-up or drop-off zone.


 Saint Mary's Painther head onlyHIGHLIGHTS FROM THE STUDENT & PARENT HANDBOOK 2018 – 2019

Please take some time to review the information and policies in the handbook. Please make sure to spend time reading the following sections:

Chapter 8: Code of Conduct – CLICK HERE

Student Dress Code – CLICK HERE

Chapter 10: Attendance Policies and Procedures – CLICK HERE

Students will receive an electronic version of the complete Student & Parent Handbook to download on their iPad. A PDF copy of the handbook will be posted in the Parent Information section of your website by August 10.


Saint Mary's Painther head only


The Health/Emergency Form must be completed each academic year by both a parent and physician.

 FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN ONLY:  Parents must also include a copy of their child’s immunization record showing proof of the Tdap booster shot.

Please do not submit a different physician form or attachment.  Information must be ON THIS HEALTH/EMERGENCY FORM ONLY – No copies or faxes accepted.

We use this form throughout the year for off-campus activities, including sports teams, overnight field trips and Enrichment Week. To comply with state law, students must have this form on file with the Registrar every academic year whether or not they are participating in a sports program.

 A few insights and suggestions:

Physicians will not complete and sign this form if your child has not had a physical examination within the last two years. If your child has had a physical within the last two years, check with your physician’s office. Most doctors will complete and sign the Health/Emergency Form without a visit.  However, if your child plans to participate in sports, they must have a full physical each year. If you have Kaiser coverage, plan ahead as experience has shown that they usually take a minimum of two weeks to process the form.

 BE SURE TO MAKE A COPY of the completed Health/Emergency Form before submitting it to the Registrar.

Submit the Health/Emergency Form to the Registrar. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD TURN IN THE HEALTH/EMERGENCY FORM(S) TO A COACH.

If a completed form is not on file with the Registrar, your child will NOT be considered fully registered or able to participate in a sport.

Students who do not have a fully completed Health/Emergency Form on file will not be allowed to attend classes beginning August 24, 2018 until it is received by the Registrar.

Please feel free to call Carol Balding, Registrar, at (510) 559-6214 if you have any questions regarding the Health/Emergency Form.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2018 – 2019 Health Form



Throughout the school year, the Saint Mary’s website provides updated information on all programs and events.

The school’s homepage provides current and upcoming information in the following sections:

Announcements: The Announcement section provides information on upcoming programs and events. There may also be special postings with information regarding upcoming meetings or messages from the administration.

Upcoming Events: Information in this section lists school events or activities that will take place within the week or the following week.

Daily Announcements: This section provides information that is communicated to the students during homeroom. In addition, the Daily Announcements have information from the Parent Association and will list any changes in the athletic schedule.

School Calendar: The School Calendar gives an overview of the school year and is updated each Sunday. The School Calendar is located on the right side of our home page.

School News & Updates: A family e-news is sent via Constant Contact twice a month with school news, updates, and important reminders.


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyONLINE BOOK STORE 2018 – 2019

Please remember to purchase the books needed for the first term by the first day of school.

Remember that online book purchases are non-refundable.

Click here to review and purchase text books online.


 Saint Mary's Painther head onlyBELL SCHEDULES 2018 – 2019

Click here to review the 2018 – 2019 Bell Schedules.


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyATHLETIC INFORMATION – Fall Sports 2019

Fall Sports begins in August! Below is a list of Fall Sports, start dates, and coaches contact info.:

Cross Country (COED) – Start date is AUGUST 13th

Contact: Varsity Head Coach – Denis Mohun (

Football – Start date is AUGUST 6th

Contact: Varsity Head Coach – Connor Banks (

Golf (Women’s)  – Start date is AUGUST 13th

Contact: Varsity Head Coach – Moe Ali (

Tennis (Women’s) – Start date is AUGUST 13th

Contact: Varsity Head Coach – Mike Sommers (

Volleyball (Women’s) – Start date is AUGUST 13th; Tryouts begin the 20th!

Contact: Varsity Head Coach – James Scrivano (

JV/Frosh Head Coach – Kristina Shapona (

Saint Mary’s Personnel

Director for Athletics – Casey Filson (

Assistant to the Director for Athletics – Moe Ali (


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyEPICUREAN GROUP FOOD SERVICE

A Message from Epicurean Group

  “We are delighted to be providing the Saint Mary’s College High School Community with wholesome food. We are a local company whose employees possess unparalleled experience and skill. We live our passion for providing great fresh, local and organic food prepared from scratch, every day at every meal.

Epicurean Group’s philosophy is to provide excellence in food and service that surpasses community and industry expectations. Epicurean Group is built on a foundation of fresh, healthy eating. It is more than just the food you eat; it is the quality of food. Great nutrition is built on the freshest ingredients, the highest quality meats, fresh, natural and organic vegetables from local growers.

We dedicate ourselves to cooking from scratch, not using frozen or prepared foods high in sodium and fat.

We work together with local farmers to obtain fresh, seasonal, organic produce and fresh meat and fish to nourish the body and the mind

We develop weekly seasonal menus that reflect the natural environment in a sustainable manner and satisfy diverse palates in the community.

Epicurean Group would like to introduce to you Chef Manager Kusuma Kalengada and Vice President, Brian Armenio. Both team members are well versed in restaurant and food service management lead our café team. Please stop by and visit with us, we would love to answer any questions you may have about our food service. Please do not hesitate to call me at 510.307.6467.”

Click here to read the complete message from the Epicurean Group and for online payment and account information with MySchoolBucks.

Click here to read about online breakfast, break, and lunch payment options.


Saint Mary's Painther head onlyVOLUNTEER TO HELP AT SAINT MARY’S EVENTS!

To ensure that Saint Mary’s events and evening programs are welcoming and successful, we need your help and support! The 2018 – 2019 school year will be filled with opportunities for parents and family member to volunteer and be involved in the school community.

We have three wonderful parents – Kari Gaspardone, Carla Lieske, and Jennifer Miller – who “stepped-up” to be the  Volunteer Team Coordinators and manage volunteerism for Saint Mary’s. This incredible team will continue to work with the school in coordinating the volunteer opportunities.

Saint Mary’s uses which is an online program that assists us in managing volunteerism for school events. Once a parent or family member signs up to volunteer for an event, the program will automatically send an email confirmation and reminder emails regarding  the event. Saint Mary’s will also receive information of those parents who did volunteer and support at each event.

The volunteer opportunities for August through December are posted! January through June events will be posted online by the end of September.

Please click here to review and sign-up for Volunteer Opportunities for August through December.  


  Saint Mary's Painther head only“BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT” – Thursday, August 30

Back to School Night provides parents the opportunity to meet teachers and become familiar with course objectives and expectations.  Evenings such as these reinforce our commitment to clear communication and the value of partnering with parents in teaching and guiding your children, our students.

Click here to review the “Back to School Night” agenda.