Many of the greatest works of literature inspire thought and discussion in our English program. The students gain perspective not only of the larger world, but themselves as a part of it. The department goals for our students center on the richness of experience, clarity of expression, and the development of the whole person. The English program and the school’s “Writing throughout the Curriculum” initiative not only continue to further their knowledge of the foundations and skills of the English language, but also emphasize comprehension, critical thinking, and clear, concise thought and expression. Students are encouraged to ask questions and express themselves through the inspiration of the words and thoughts of others as they continue to develop their own voice, both in oral and written presentations.

Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement:  Four years

UC and CSU College Requirement:  Four years


Freshman Courses:

English 1

English 1 Honors

Sophomore Course:

English 3-4

English 3-4 Honors

Junior & Senior Courses:

American Literature

The Classic Novel

An Odyssey of Youth

What A Piece of Work Is Man!

AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature