International Language

In order to appreciate another culture fully, it is necessary to communicate in the language of that culture. Respect for and the understanding of ideas, beliefs and customs can be promoted through thoughtful listening and accurate response. It is our hope that each student may experience the fulfillment that comes with the ability to communicate in another language.

Colleges and universities have varying foreign language requirements for entrance, but nearly all require at least two years of the same language and many of the top institutions require three or four years. Colleges and universities also have exit requirements in foreign language that may be met by study in high school if a student completes the AP course and passes the AP exam in Foreign Language. Students should consult with the college counselor and individual institutions regarding entrance and exit requirements in foreign language.

Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: Two years, three to four years recommended.

UC and CSU College Requirement: Two years, three to four years recommended


Spanish for Native Speakers

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4 – Honors

AP Spanish Language


French 1

French 2

French 3

French 4

AP French Language