Mathematical reasoning is therefore a very important facet of a student’s high school education. The mathematics program at Saint Mary’s builds upon the basic skills taught in grade school and focuses on helping students develop an understanding and mastery of mathematical principles, to use logical thought, to formulate a problem in a way which allows for computation and decision, to make deductions from assumptions, and to use advanced concepts. The course material is rigorous and challenges students to think and analyze.

We strive to provide students with an environment, a set of experiences, specific goals, and objectives which will help each individual develop his or her ability and potential to interpret quantitatively, to calculate accurately, and to understand and appreciate mathematical achievements and their consequences. Students study all of the different strands of mathematics, including geometry, calculus, statistics, and logic. Computers and graphing calculators are tools used in conjunction with our program.


Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: Three years, four years recommended

UC and CSU College Requirement: Three years, four years recommended


Algebra 1 – 2

Algebra 1-2 (Honors)


Geometry (Honors)

Algebra 3-4

Algebra-Trig 3-4  Honors

Intro to Calculus (Honors)

Math Analysis

Finite Math

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC