Physical Education & Health

“Realizing one’s potential largely depends on a lifetime commitment to fitness and holistic health – in body, heart and spirit.”

The Health Education Program at Saint Mary’s encourages students to engage in life consciously, to raise awareness of, and inspire a lifelong commitment to their health.  A key component of the program is to promote student awareness of how healthy the body is, affects all the other aspects of your life. We introduce the principles of holistic health through nutrition, aerobic fitness, and mental, social, spiritual, and emotional wellness.  There is a focus on informed decision-making, based on the student’s values, and continued development of critical thinking skills, using accurate information.

Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: One year

UC and CSU College Requirement: N/A


Introduction to Physical Fitness and Health   (Ninth Grade Curriculum)

Physical Fitness for Upper Division (Grades 11-12)

Sports Medicine  (Grades 11-12)  (UC Approved)