Religious Studies

Within the total religious education program of the school, Religious Studies provides the place and structure for the development of the student’s ability to contemplate, understand, and act upon religious experiences and ideas. The aim of the Religious Studies curriculum is to attain a better understanding of the Catholic Christian faith, accomplished through an investigation of its nature, origin, history, doctrine, prayer, and purpose within the Roman Catholic Tradition. Through the study of sacred Scripture and Tradition, the student will gain knowledge and understanding of the concept of faith and its call to social action and awareness. The teaching of Religious Studies seeks, then, to present the knowledge of religious ideas and engage the student’s experience in a thorough and systematic way, while leading the student in an honest search for truth and moral action.

 Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: Four years required UC and CSU College Requirement: None, however, some religious studies classes count as one elective credit. Courses:

Freshman (Faith and Religion)

This first year course in Religious Studies is designed as an introduction to faith and religion in general, and to Christianity and Catholicism in particular. The journey begins with a closer look at the student as a human being who is discovering his or her unique identity in the context of faith.

Sophomore (Scripture)

The second year course in Religious Studies investigates the Christian scriptural tradition beginning with the Old Testament in the first semester and continuing in the second semester with the Gospel accounts of Jesus of Nazareth as well as Paul and the other New Testament writers.

Upper Division Program

The third and fourth year courses in Religious Studies give students a choice of electives in the areas of History of Religions, Morality and Meaning, Scripture, and Sociology of Religion, such as:

Ethical Leadership

Social Justice

Ritual and Worship

The Life and Times of Jesus

Does Religion Matter?

Parables in Action

World Religions

Servant Leadership

Religions in America