Science is a voyage of discovery into our natural world with the purpose of explaining observation on a scale both grand and minute. To this purpose it is the goal of the Saint Mary’s Science Department to provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum designed to motivate and prepare young people for college and life. Our four year program of studies allows students to obtain a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in the physical and life sciences, incorporating the liberating qualities of unbiased perception, critical thought, and clear expression with our students.  We allow our students to grow as individuals; intellectually, scientifically, and spiritually.

The science curriculum reflects an understanding, appreciation, and respect for the world in which they live and the world they will emerge into; one that is rapidly changing, connected, adapting, and evolving.  Our classes utilize a practical, hands-on inductive approach to science. Our focus is not only for students to learn subject specific content but to address and encourage global awareness, and civic literacy; learning and thinking skills such as collaboration, contextual learning and communication; information and computer technology literacy skills; and life skills such as leadership, ethics and accountability. We work to develop the attitudes and habits in students which encourage them to behave responsibly in our world community, thus making it a better place for all. We teach our students to try and think critically and independently; to seek out the answers in many different ways, to question, to think, and to research solutions from a variety of source.


Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: Three years, Four years recommend

UC and CSU College Requirement: Three years, Four years recommended.




AP Biology

Conceptual Physics



Sports Medicine

AP Physics

Forensic Science