Social Studies

History is being made all around us. It’s in every interaction, foreign and domestic, that marks every moment of every day, and knowing this makes social studies accessible and enjoyable. History and social studies courses are an essential part of the school’s comprehensive program designed to give students a framework for understanding the cultural traditions of humanity, a sense of the development and flow of human history, and an ability to critically analyze historic and contemporary social and political issues. Major historic issues and themes are examined in depth for the implications they might have in the future. Social studies is taught with the conviction that students want to know not only what has happened and is happening, but also how events affect us as a people.

The department offers a range of electives designed to investigate areas of study to improve analytical and reasoning skills developed in introductory courses. It is the goal of the department to encourage students’ understanding of historical patterns of human development and students’ opportunity to appreciate the impact of their generation has on the present, and will have in the future. Today’s news is history in the making:  Do I make history, or does history make me?

Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: Three years

UC & CSU Requirement: Two years


World History

AP World History (Honors/AP)

United States History

AP United States History (Honors/AP)

Perspectives on Diversity

Government and Law

AP US Government & Politics (Honors/AP)

Public Policy and Contemporary Issues


Intro to Philosophy

Intro to Psychology