Visual and Performing Arts

The philosophy and intent of the Visual and Performing Arts Department is to establish a clear and strong foundation, understanding, and appreciation for artistic disciplines, diversity, and directions, while encouraging exploration, expression, and creativity. Visual and Performing Arts are an essential part of education and fosters better learning because it engages so many aspects of being a full human being. It requires students to engage orderly and intuitive thinking.  The Visual and Performing Arts engage brainwork, physical work, and work from the heart.

We believe the Visual and Performing Arts courses at Saint Mary’s give students a working knowledge of tools and techniques in the fine arts, which allows them to develop their own gifts and talents. As working artists, we prepare lessons and opportunities to challenge students to build from theory to practice that is built on a foundation of individual skills and teamwork. Students are encouraged to develop their talents by enrolling in as many of these courses as is reasonable throughout their tenure at Saint Mary’s.

Saint Mary’s Graduation Requirement: One year, two years recommended

UC & CSU Requirement: One year


Beginning Band

Intermediate Band

Advanced Symphonic Band

Advanced Jazz Ensemble

String Ensemble


Intro to Visual Arts

Intermediate Visual Arts

Advanced Visual Arts

AP Studio Art

Graphic Design & Journalism

Audio & Video Production

Multimedia  Design


Intro to Dance

Intermediate Dance

Advanced Dance

Advanced Choreography

Intro to Theater Arts

Intermediate Theater Arts

Advanced Theater Arts