Social Studies Book List

Title Author ISBN Digital Available
World History – Course 8011
World History (National Edition): Patterns of Interaction Roger B. Beck Yes iBooks


AP World History – Course 8111
Ways of the World with Sources for AP, Second Edition: A Global History Robert W. Strayer 978-0312583507 No Amazon
This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity David Christian 978-1933782041 Paperback or Kindal Amazon


U.S. History – Course 8211
The Americans Gerald A. Danzer Yes iBooks


AP U.S. History – Course 8311
Reader provided by Instructor


Economics – Course 8420
The Ascent of Money Niall Ferguson 978-0143116172 Paperback or Kindal Amazon


Perspectives on Diversity – Course 8430
To Be Determined


Government & Law – Course 8440
Textbook for Teacher: Mr. Kelly
Magruder’s American Government 2009 (optional) William A. McClenaghan 978-0133656312 Rent or Buy Amazon
Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption Bryan Stevenson 978-0812984965 Paperback or Kindal Amazon


Intro to Psychology – Course 8450
Materials Provided by Instructor


Introduction to Sociology – Course 8460
Materials Provided by Instructor


Islamic History: Islam, Empires and the Modern World – Course 8480
Destiny Distrupted Tamim Ansary Paperback or Kindal Amazon


East Asian History – Course 8490
The Making of Modern China: The Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty (1368-1912) Jing Liu 978-1611720396 Paperback Amazon
Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity Jing Liu 978-1611720341 Paperback Amazon
In Order to Live Yeonmi Park 978-0143109747 Yes Amazon



AP U.S. Government – Course 8501


African History – Course 8510
Homegoing Yaa Gyasi 978-1101971062 Paperback Amazon
King Leopold’s Ghost Adam Hochschild 978-0618001903 Paperback Amazon


Latin American History – Course 8520
Century of Wind Niall Ferguson 978-0393318074 Yes Amazon
One day of life Manlio Argueta 978-0679732433 Paperback Amazon


20th Century American Social History – Course 8530