Faculty Web Pages

Faculty Class Pages for T1 2019-2020

Mr. Banks: Not teaching during T1

Ms. Becerra: Spanish Classes

Mr. Bertero: World History 2nd Period and World History 3rd Period and World History 5th Period

Brother Dan: Not teaching during T1

Ms. Davey: Introduction to Theater Arts and Intermediate Theater Arts

Ms. Duckett: Not teaching during T1

Ms. Duffala: Biology and AP Biology

Mr. Figueroa: Spanish 5-6 and Spanish 7-8

Mr. Filson: Not teaching during T1

Mr. Forte: Conceptual Physics and AP Environmental Science

Ms. Gallien: English 1-2 Period 1 and English 1-2 Honors and AP English Lit

Ms. Gonzales:Not teaching during T1

Mr. Gonzalez: Jesus: Life and Times

Ms. Harkness: Health and Geography

Mr. Heuer: Geometry and Architecture

Dr. Imperial: Islamic History

Ms. Jaeger: Advanced Art and AP Studio Art and Intermediate Art and Introduction to Art

Mr. Kelly: US History and US Government

Mr. Lawson: Honors Algebra 1-2 and Thinking Mathematically Period 2 andThinking Mathematically Period 3 and Algebra 1-2 Period 5

Ms. Libby: American Lit

Ms. Mahoney: French 3-4

Mr. Marks: Faith in the Modern World

Ms. McConnell: Intro to Psychology

Ms. McCormick: Scripture

Ms. McManus: Algebra 3-4 Period 2 andAlgebra 3-4 Period 5 andAlgebra 3-4 Honors

Mr. Mohun: Algebra 1-2 and Algebra 3-4 1st Period and Algebra 3-4 4th Period and Math Analysis

Ms. Molinelli:

Mr. Molnar: Not teaching during T1

Mr. Nguyen: All Music Classes

Mr. Pacheco: Faith in the Modern World

Mr. Palladino: Does Religion Matter and Junior Epistemology

Ms. Panlilio: Geography

Ms. Paulson: Intro to Theater Arts 1st Period and Intro to Dance 5th Period and Advanced Dance

Ms. Payne: AP Calculus and Geometry

Mr. Petersen: AP English Language and American Lit and East Asian History

Ms. Policar: Algebra 1-2 and Geometry and Intro to Calculus

Mr. Quach: Sports Medicine

Ms. Ready:English 1-2 and English 3-4

Mr. Riccardi: English 3-4 and Odyssey of Youth

Mr. Rogers: APUSH Period 1 and APUSH Period 2 and AP Government

Mr. Rubey: Chemistry 1st Period and Chemistry 3rd Period and Chemistry 5th Period and AP Biology

Ms. Sachowitz: Spanish

Mr. Sommers: Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus, Life and Times

Mr. Sutphin: Philosophy and Sophomore Epistemology

Dr. Tierney:AP World History and Odyssey of Youth

Dr. Troyani: AP Spanish

Mr. Thomas: Saint Mary’s Library

Mr. Voltaire: Biology and Physiology

Ms. Walton: Not teaching during T1

Dr. Wesley: Physics Period 2 and Physics Period 4 and AP Physics

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