Student Use of Technology Policy Update

Student Use of Technology Policy Update

The policies and procedures below are in addition to the acceptable use policies posted on the Saint Mary’s College High School website and in the Parent/Student Handbook. Uses of technology that distracts from the learning environment will have consequences. While on campus, the iPad* is a tool to enhance learning, not a form of entertainment for students.

Expectations for student technology use:

1. Teachers will provide direct permission to students as to when and if iPad (or cell phone) use is permitted

2. The use of gaming, social media, iMessage, and other entertainment purposes is not permitted in any classroom or in the library

3. Teachers will provide clear tasks using electronics with designated time limits; once tasks are completed and/or time limit has been reached, students are to close their iPads

4. iPads must be adequately charged for each class period; instructors are not required to allow charging in the classroom during class time

5. All notifications must be turned off upon entering any classroom or the library; this includes, but is not limited to the following: gaming, social media, iMessage, email, etc.

6. Headphones and ear buds are allowed only at lunch and break (never in any classroom or in the library)

7. The use of cell phones are acceptable before school, during break, during lunch, and after school

8. Students will not film video or take photos in the classroom or library without direct permission from the instructor

9. Homeroom is considered class time; thus, all policies stated above apply

*When we refer to iPad, we mean all similar tablet and personal computing devices.

Consequences for misuse of iPads and/or other electronic devices:

Please note, students will not receive a warning upon violation of the above policies.

At the first violation, the teacher will inform the student of the violation and send an email to the Dean of Students briefly noting the infraction. Teachers also have the option to email parents directly and cc the Dean of Students and/or remove the iPad from the student for the remainder of the class period.

Should multiple violations occur, the issue of misuse will be addressed with the Dean of Students, counselors, parents, and the student directly. Further action will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Click here to download a PDF copy of the Student Use of Technology Policy Update