International Students

♦ Saint Mary’s will be accepting 2 International Applications for the fall 2017.  Saint Mary’s is under an enrollment cap set by the City of Albany. We are not allowed to exceed the enrollment restriction set by the city. Saint Mary’s will provide I-20 documentation.


Saint Mary’s College High School will consider admission of International students entering the 10th or 11th grades depending on space availability. Saint Mary’s does not accept 9th or 12th grade international students.

Criteria: All International student applicants must:

1. English:  Saint Mary’s does not have an ESL (English As A Second Language) program or classes for international students. As a college preparatory high school, Saint Mary’s requires all international students to be well qualified and proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. Students will need to provide a TOEFFL score above 70 or TOEFFL – Junior score of 800 or ITEP/SLATE score of 4.3 or provide evidence that their English language is satisfactory.

2. Housing:  Saint Mary’s does not have a home boarding program nor do we provide housing for international students. International students, upon acceptance, must make their own arrangements to reside in a home in the Bay Area with an adult who will be responsible for them while they are in California, and provide supervision and emotional support for the student during the time he or she will be attending Saint Mary’s.

3. Tuition:   Saint Mary’s tuition for international students for the current school year (2017-2018) is $26,880.00 USD. In addition there is a $700 Registration Fee and a $500 Capital Improvement Fee. Admission decisions regarding international transfer students, if any, will be made in mid-May based on academic qualifications, potential for success at Saint Mary’s, and space availability at the grade level requested. International students interested in applying to Saint Mary’s should know that Saint Mary’s does not have an ESL (English As a Second Language) Program.



Please email the admissions office for more information


Cherisse Payne, Director of Admissions –  Email 
Linda Yaris, Associate Director of Admissions-  Email