Message about Mr. Puck from James Jordan ’89, Board Chair

September, 23, 2019

Please click here to read a Message about Mr. Puck from James Jordan ’89, Board Chair of Saint Mary’s College High School.

Here is the lates update as of Friday, October 25:

Saint Mary’s Community, we’ve received word that Mr. Lawrence Puck ’78, President of Saint Mary’s College High School, has been transferred back to the Bay Area!

He is attending rigorous rehabilitation sessions and continuing to make great progress.

At this time he cannot accept visitors, but does send his love and gratitude to everyone for all the prayers and support.

Please continue to pray for his strength and continued recovery

Here is the latest update as of Friday, October 11 on Mr. Lawrence Puck ’78, President of Saint Mary’s College High School:

Mr. Puck’s condition continues to improve. He began physical therapy Wednesday afternoon and was transferred from ICU to a room in a regular Medical unit this morning.

His doctors anticipate another two-week stay at the hospital, and after satisfactory completion of physical therapy, Mr. Puck will be transferred to the Bay Area for any continued recovery requirements.

Wednesday, October 2 Update

Good Morning Saint Mary’s Community,

The following message was received yesterday from Mr. Puck, regarding his condition.

Good Evening Everyone,

I miss all of you. I am busy taking care of my mental and physical self. I’m looking forward to return. I will be writing something over the weekend to all of you.

God Bless you all.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Mr. Puck, they are all felt and appreciated.

Friday, September 27th Update

Message from Mr. Puck:

I send thanks to each of you for your caring support and prayers. My healing progresses ahead of the markers set by my medical team. As always, I share my thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, September 25th Update –

To: The Faculty & Staff, Board, Saint Mary’s Community and Parents

Mr. Puck ’78 is recuperating as expected from a medical trauma. He appreciates your continued prayers and support for a quick recovery. Mr. Puck also says “Thank You”.

It should also be noted that a decision was arrived at by his doctor, his primary case manager, and his family that visitors outside the immediate family are not allowed until further notice.

The Family of Lawrence C. Puck