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Welcome to Saint Mary's Open House

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12:00 - 1:30PM ONLINE
2:00 - 3:30PM IN PERSON
Below are the Presentation Descriptions and Virtual Meeting Links for
ONLINE Open House:

1. Academic Vision, Success, and Goals – From Competence to Mastery



Dr. Pete Imperial, Principal

Do not miss Dr. Pete Imperial speaking on Saint Mary’s academic vision, success, and goals.


Join the Zoom 12:00pm
2. Panther Panel
Mr. Pete Sekona, Alumni Associate & Admissions Assistant

Ms. Ariana Corwin, Admissions Assistant

Saint Mary's Students

Saint Mary's Parents


This presentation is overview of the students’ perspective of their experience at Saint Mary’s.

Join the Zoom 12:20pm
3. Building Community at SMCHS
Saint Mary’s Inclusive Community Initiative
Ms. Alexsandra Walton, Director of Inclusion and Belonging


Creating a safe, supportive environment for social and emotional learning is a high priority at Saint Mary’s. Through both our SEL and Inclusive Community programs, we empower students to create that space here on campus. Come discover how Saint Mary’s uses the SEL and Inclusive Community programming to create such a community.


Join the Zoom 12:00pm



4. Counseling: Academic Support & Learning Differences



Ms. Andrea Panlilio, Director of Guidance Counseling and Learning Specialist
Ms. Beth Konecni, Director of College Counseling


This presentation addresses the counseling and guidance program and the academic support provided for all students and for students with documented learning differences.


Join the Zoom 12:40pm


5. Freshman Course Placement 



Ms. Cathy Molinelli, Vice Principal
Mr. Jay Lawson, Mathematics Teacher


Do you wonder how Saint Mary’s places freshmen into advanced math, language, honors English, and the arts? If you are looking for course placement information, this is the session to attend.

Join the Zoom 12:40pm
6. Affording Saint Mary’s
Ms. Azure’D Nunley, Director of Philanthropy, Alumni Engagement, & Parent Association Liaison
Beth Fisher,  Accounts Receivable


Learn more about our tuition assistance program.


Join the Zoom 1:00pm
7. Teacher Time and Interdisciplinary Initiatives
Dr. Sara Troyani, Assistant Principal for Academics and Spanish Teacher
Providing time and opportunity for teachers to work together by departments, on cross- curricular initiatives, and learn how to support the social and emotional program for students can be a challenge but is essential for student learning. Learn how Saint Mary’s prioritizes collaboration time for teachers and how some of the academic initiatives, such as writing and grading, are being discussed.
Join the Zoom 1:00pm
8.  Admissions Q & A
Ms. Cherisse Payne, Director of Admissions
Learn more about the admissions process including applications, grades, recommendations, and test scores.
Join the Zoom 1:30pm
9. The Freshman Experience
 Ms. Cathy Molinelli, Vice Principal
Mr. Casey Filson, Dean
Mr. Olistide Voltarie, Science Teacher
Ms. Andrea Panlilio, Director of Guidance Counseling and Learning Specialist
Saint Mary's Students


This presentation is overview of the journey of freshman year. Learn more about the transition into freshman year, the highlights of the first year of high school, and the goals for the end of their year.

Join the Zoom 1:30pm
In Person Open House Experience from 2:00 - 3:30 PM
In addition to on campus parking we will be offering a shuttle service every 15 minutes from North Berkeley BART.
  • Explore our Campus
  • Meet our Athletic Department
  • Have Conversations with our Faculty
  • Talk to our Current Students
  • Enjoy Food
  • Participate in our Raffle for a Chance to Win an Application Fee Waiver!!!
  • Have Fun Outdoors