Does Religion Matter? – Fall 2015

Instructor – Brother David L. Caretti, FSC, EdD

This course website is used to provide resources and content for the Fall 2015 Does Religion Matter? course, an upper-division religious studies selective.

Course Description – 

Using insights from philosophy, comparative religion, theology, science, and history, along with current insight and research from current events, this class explores the question “Does Religion Matter?”. The class will explore topics such as materialism, the soul/afterlife, salvation/transcendence, and the proofs of God’s existence. The course will explore how scientism has replaced spirituality and religion, and also will examine how one may recover an appreciation of religious values while respecting modern insights from the world of science. Additionally, students will be able to share their own perspectives of where religions have failed, but also as how religion has been successful in meeting the needs of young adults.

Course Syllabus

Article from Pope Francis Interview (September 19, 2013)