In the Roman Catholic tradition, liturgical prayer has a significant place within the life of the faith community.  Perhaps there is no greater command that Catholics take more literally from Jesus himself than, “Do this in remembrance of me”, when we gather for Eucharist, giving thanks and offering our thoughts, feelings, and lives to a God who loves us.  Members of our community are continually welcomed into liturgical celebrations and offered the opportunity to insert themselves into the prayers and movements of the liturgy without coercion.

At Saint Mary’s, we have our own form of Lasallian prayer, and liturgy takes many different forms within the life of our community:

– A moment of prayer and reflection begins each class period of our school day;
– A school-wide prayer begins our daily announcements;
– Eucharistic Liturgies or Mass is celebrated with the entire school community on holy days or other school celebrations;
– Non-Eucharistic Liturgies are other chances to celebrate or memorialize other observances with our entire school community;
– Opportunities for students to participate in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

Saint Mary’s students are involved in all aspects of our community’s liturgies, beginning with preparation and planning and continuing through their observance.  Liturgy is not something reserved to our Catholic students, but instead all students are welcome to learn and participate in ways that they feel appropriate to them, for liturgy itself is a significant way in which we balance the personal/spiritual with the communal/religious relationship to God.


Brother David L. Caretti, FSC, EdD 
Director of Campus Ministry
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