FAITH, SERVICE, COMMUNITY is the freshman retreat experience at Saint Mary’s College High School, and is part of the Freshman Experience program.  Since the Freshman Experience program in its entirety, is about what it means to be a student at Saint Mary’s, the freshman retreat holds a key place in the program as the primary way in which the new freshmen reflect upon this new venture at Saint Mary’s.  All the activities are focused on the three major topics of Faith, Service, and Community, and throughout the day the freshmen, both individually and collectively, find just some of the new relationships that will support them throughout their years at Saint Mary’s.

The retreat is a required one-day retreat experience for all freshmen students at Saint Mary’s; the retreat takes place during the days of orientation, which happen in August of the new academic year, and is required of all incoming freshmen students.

For more information on the Freshman Experience program, please refer to the web-page specifically dedicated to it in the Academics and Programs Inspired by Mission section.