Donations Needed for Silent Auction

Silent Auction at the Crab Feed – Donations Welcome

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

Tax ID #68-0331088

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Glass-size-10003322Saint Mary’s Auction – Instant Wine Cellar Donation Form

Once again at this year’s Crab Feed, we will be pulling together a nice selection of wines for our “Instant Wine Cellar” as a raffle item. The Wine Cellar is always a big hit and it a great way to donate to the auction.

If you can help, we ask that you simply donate a bottle of your favorite wine. All types of wines are welcome and appreciated – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Rose, Viognier, etc. We would recommend that the price of the bottle be roughly $25.00 or higher. It makes for a more exciting Wine Cellar item for our bidders.

If you are able to donate wine, please print and attach this form with your bottle(s) of wine and bring them to Vellesian Hall.  You can deliver the wine to a any staff member in Vellesian. Even though this next statement is obvious, just a reminder to please make sure that the person delivering the wine is of legal age.

Questions, please email


Here’s Some Ideas for the Silent Auction !

A is for…

A bottle of wine for the Wine Cellar


Airline miles/tickets

Airplane rides

Autographed memorabilia

B is for…

Beach houses

Boat rides

Bed & breakfast stays

Baseball cards

C is for…

Condos for weekend or week

Celebrity lunches

Cabin at a lake

Catered meals


D and E is for…..

Day trip

Dinner in your home

Decorating service

Escapes & getaways

Electrician services

F and G is for….

Fishing trips

Fifty lottery tickets

Friendly get-togethers

Golf for a day


Gift certificates

Guided tours

Grass cutting for a year

Glass artwork


H and I is for…

Horseback riding lessons

High end artwork

Heart shaped anything

Investment advice

Irish coffee party

Ice skating party

J and K is for…

Just about anything exciting

Knitted Panther blanket




L and M is for…


Luscious gourmet meals

Lottery tickets


M and N is for….


Night on the town                                                  

Nostalgia items

O, P, and Q is for…

Original art

Photo shoot


Quality antiques


R and S is for…

Sensational meals

Sports Events

Sushi party

Super bowl tickets


T and U is for…


Tickets to sporting events

Tickets to Opera, Symphony, etc.

Unique experiences

Unique items

Upscale parties


V is for…                                     

Vintage wine collections

Vacation home week/weekend

Veterinarian services

W, X, Y, and Z is for…

Water ski outings

World Series tickets


Xacto knife gift sets

Xtreme experiences

Yearly lawn care package

Zoo passes