Volunteer at Saint Mary’s

Volunteer-apperciation-QuotesTHANK YOU FROM EVERYONE AT SAINT MARY’S! 

Click here to volunteer for events!

If you have questions regarding volunteering at Saint Mary’s, please email the coordinators at volunteeratsm@stmchs.org.



Watch the video to learn how to register for Signup.com to volunteer for events at Saint Mary’s – CLICK HERE

Questions about SIGNUP.COM and their frequently Asked Questions – CLICK HERE


To ensure that Saint Mary’s events and evening programs are welcoming and successful, we need your help and support! The 2017 – 2018 school year will be filled with opportunities for parents and family member to volunteer and be involved in the school community.

We have three wonderful parents – Kari Gaspardone, Carla Lieske, and Jennifer Miller – who have “stepped-up” to be the  Volunteer Team Coordinators and manage volunteerism for Saint Mary’s. This incredible team will continue to work with the school in coordinating the volunteer opportunities.

Saint Mary’s uses Signup.com which is an online program that assists us in managing volunteerism for school events. Once a parent or family member signs up to volunteer for an event, the program will automatically send an email confirmation and reminder emails regarding  the event. Saint Mary’s will also receive information of those parents who did volunteer and support at each event.

The volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year will be open by August 1, 2017.  Questions regarding volunteering at Saint Mary’s, please email Lawrence Puck at lpuck@stmchs.org.