College Counseling

Welcome to College Counseling at Saint Mary’s College High School

School Code (CEEB Code): 050310

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Our students are introduced to college readiness early in their freshman year and continue throughout their four years at Saint Mary’s. As there are many steps within the process, all grade levels participate.

Freshman learn about academic courses toward college readiness. Each spring, freshman will complete a 4-year plan with their Guidance Counselor focusing on 4-year college eligibility. In addition, freshman complete the Quality Core assessments, which identifies areas needed toward college readiness.

Sophomores are invited to join Family Connection (college portal) during the year to complete the Learning Styles Interest Inventory. The sophomores also take the Quality Core assessments identifying areas needed to prepare for college in core subject areas. During fall orientation, sophomores meet with Ms. Ryan to conduct a transcript review as it will lead to academic preparation for college.  Through Family Connection, sophomores are guided through the career interest inventory leading into discussions of interested college majors.  All sophomores will revisit four- year plan and profiles established with their Guidance Counselors as freshman and will be a part of a transcript workshop to understand academic college planning.

Junior year is a critical year both academically and beginning the college process. In the early fall (October), juniors take the PSAT. Once results are received in December, juniors meet with their Guidance Counselors in preparation for their senior year curriculum. Junior class meetings begin in November with a Family Connection over view and college research assignment. Deeper conversations and individual College Counseling meetings begin in December and continue through senior year.