School Counseling

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Counselor Corner Week 5 – May 1, 2020

“Know each student as an individual person, treating each differently according to personal need, and forming a friendly relationship with each.  Express love in kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, and tenderness in order to win their hearts.  Without this kind of relationship, there cannot be significant learning.” – Brother Augustine Loes

School Counseling at Saint Mary’s

The Saint Mary’s College High School Counselors provide academic and personal support to students with the goal of providing a mediated learning experience herunterladen. Our purpose is to walk alongside students during their high school journey. 

Goals of the Counseling Department

Our primary goal is to guide and support overall student development and well-being in three broad areas of student life:

Personal/Social Goals: Students acquire the inter personal and communication skills to increase their understanding and respect of self and others herunterladen.

Academic Goals: Students develop a wide range of academic skills and become effective agents of their learning.

Post Secondary-College Planning Goals: Through information sessions and by making resources available to research and apply to college, students are able to plan and make decisions about their future youtube videos als musik downloaden.

How To See Your Counselor

All students will meet with their counselor at a minimum twice an academic year kalender 2019 met weeknummersen. Students are also encouraged to meet with their Counselor as issues or situations arise where they may need a Counselor’s support.

Students may drop by the Counseling Center in Saint Joseph Hall to schedule an appointment or email their Counselor vegas pro.

Directory of the Counseling Staff