The Counseling Staff & Mission Statement

Counseling Mission Statement

The primary role of the counselor is to develop a caring supportive working alliance with the student. As the relationship is established, the counselor is able to mediate the student’s learning experience; helping the student identify obstacles that are troublesome and impede forward progress.

The counselor’s primary concern is to determine how the student is coping and managing obstacles in their lives; their problem solving process. For the counselor, the problem at hand can be secondary to determining how the student solves their problem.

This approach defines the unique role of the counselor; which differs, yet is complimentary to that of a parent, teacher or coach who may seek a specific desired result or the presenting problem solved.


 Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Kimberley Duckett

Ms. Kelly McConnell   

Mr. Adalberto Gonzalez

College Counselor

Sonia Ryan, MA and College Counseling Certified – Director of College Counseling

Director of Guidance and Counseling

Andrea Panlilio, MA and PPS – Academic Support Specialist & Director of Counseling Department

Administrative Assistant to the Counseling Department

Deirdre Tansey