Tutoring and Support


Saint Mary’s College High School seeks to educate the whole person by addressing the needs of all types of learners.  We welcome students with unique learning needs and offer programs designed to empower students to advocate for their academic success.  These programs encourage a student’s journey towards academic growth by fostering a partnership among the student, parent, and school.

We offer three programs to support student learning.

1.  Organizational Skills Boot Camp

We offer a 10-week time management and organizational boot camp for 9th and 10th graders who struggle academically.  An administrator, counselor, teacher, or parent may make program referrals.  The boot camp is available to all students; however, students in academic jeopardy are given priority.

♦ Location: Ms. Panlilio’s Office

Time: Monday – Friday during A-Block

2.  Supplemental Math Instruction

This program will provide individual math support and tutoring to students.  Using the ALEKS online program, students will take a diagnostic test to determine what areas of math they need to practice and master.  Students agree to attend a minimum of 1 day a week.  Progress will be tracked by Ms. Panlilio, Academic Support Specialist, and adjusted by the Algebra and Geometry teachers.

Location: Computer Lab – Room 102

Time: A-Block

Cost: $75 for a subscription to ALEKS.com (billed directly by the Business Office)

3.  Individual and/or Small Group Tutoring

Tutoring is available to students who need content subject-specific support.  Tutoring may take place before or after school and is tailored to the individual needs for 1:1 support or small group review.  We offer both peer and teacher led tutoring sessions.

Location: TBD as needed

Time: Scheduled on an individual basis

Please contact Ms. Panlilio, Academic Support Specialist  at apanlilio@stmchs.org or 510 -559-6281 for more information.


Each faculty member has set office hours each week in order to be available may need help. Office hours are posted in classrooms and in various locations around campus so all students are aware of a teacher’s availability.

To facilitate a calendar is posted in St. Joseph’s Hallway for students to check when needed. Teachers are asked to post their tests and major projects on this calendar as a way to balance the student workload. No more than 3 tests and/or projects are allowed on any given day for each grade level. If a teacher finds that there are already 3 tests on a day they had chosen for a test
they are instructed to chose another day.

Powerschool, a web-based information program, is a major means of communication between school, teacher, student, and family. A student and his or her parents can see the daily attendance record for the student as well as current and historial grades. Access is made through an individual password, specific to each student and parent or guardian.


Final Exam preparation takes on a whole new meaning at Saint Mary’s. Faculty stay on campus, and from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. there is a structured opportunity for students to get ready for finals each semester. Study groups are encouraged, although there are also opportunities for
quiet individual study, and subject specific groups. These prep nights are made available and arranged for students