Standardized Testing

Saint Mary’s College High School uses The College Board’s suite of exams in order to:

(1) to diagnose student academic strengths and areas of growth,

(2) to assess the strength of our academic program, and

(3) to prepare students for college entrance exams they will take beginning in the Spring of junior year amazon movies download laptop.

Saint Mary’s annually employs a test-retest process to measure student growth over time.  In mid-October, freshman take the PSAT 8-9, sophomores take the PSAT 10, and juniors take the PSAT for free doodle. In mid-April the freshmen and sophomores take the PSAT 8-9 and PSAT 10, respectively, while the juniors take the SAT—the college entrance exam offered by the College Board, on campus during a regular school day herunterladen.

The series of PSAT exams serve as an introduction to the standardized testing required of college preparatory students.  During the upper-division years, all will meet individually with their Guidance Counselor to review and analyze their scores whatsapp cannot download images.

Saint Mary’s offers evening classes for juniors in March and April to prepare for theSAT and the ACT exams. These courses are taught by Saint Mary’s faculty on our campus and are priced far lower than commercial test-prep programs.  Students can also use the FREE PrepMe program online program incorporated in Naviance/Family Connection herunterladen.

For more information on test prep programs please click this link zoobe app kostenlos herunterladen.

To register for the SAT in the Fall of a student’s senior year, visit usenet herunterladen.

To register for the ACT in the Fall of a student’s senior year, visit