Wellness Committee Statement & Support

Vision Statement:  To promote wellness, engagement, and academic excellence in the Saint Mary’s College High School Community.

The Wellness Committee grew out of our involvement with the Stanford University Challenge Success Program, a research based organization that seeks to promote a more balanced school environment. The core principles behind Challenge Success are engagement, creating a climate of care, and determining how we as a community define success.  Saint Mary’s College High School has embraced these core principles, and based on a student survey, an overwhelming majority of our students feel connected to at least one adult on campus.  We have made several changes in our school community over the past few years to enhance engagement and address stress.   These changes include:

♦ A trimester system to address a manageable course load

♦  Late start days twice a week to allow students to the opportunity to get more sleep

♦  A Wellness Committee to bring programming to students and parent

♦  a focus on project based learning

♦  limiting the number of AP courses a student can take

♦  Wellness Fairs for students offered triannually

♦  An approach the college application process that promotes best fit for the student

♦  A built in academic support period at the end of each school day

♦  Lasallian Days for enrichment and retreat programs

♦  Homework holidays

The Wellness Committee is comprised of students, parents and faculty members.  We meet once a month to discuss programming and policies. We plan our triannual Student Wellness Fair, also known as “Recess,” which is held the week before final exams each term.  The Wellness Fair offers healthy food, exercise, and games to relieve stress.  In addition to promoting healthy choices, we offered yoga twice this year and hope to create an on-going yoga program that focuses on mind and body.  We were also instrumental in inviting Sun’s, our food provider to incorporate a “Healthy Choice” menu, which gives students the option to order items such as brown rice or whole wheat bread.

We host two parent education evenings each school year.  Please check back in September for the 2014-2015 event topics and dates.

Previous Parent Evening Topics

♦   The Teen Brain and Sleep with Dr. D’Esposito (Fall 2012)

♦   Race to Nowhere film presentation followed by a student/faculty panel (Spring 2013)

♦ Understanding Your Teens Ups and Downs: How to Redefine Success and Embrace the Ride (Fall 2013)

♦ A Day in the Life of an SM Student – video diaries highlighting the student experience followed by a student panel discussion (Spring 2014)

The following resources are for students and parents.  We welcome your feedback.  Please contact Andrea Panlilio, Wellness Committee Chair at apanlilio@stmchs.org with your comments or suggestions.




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