Message to our Students and Families

June, 4, 2020

My prayers to all of you. First, we all miss you on campus. Your presence and spirit is missed. The school campus is silent and the absence of your faces and personalities is very sad app download outlook.

Second, let’s keep in our prayer the class of 2020. Our seniors are now graduates and they are beginning their next step in the lives of adulthood synology ds video herunterladen. They are our hope for the future. They need our prayers and support.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have been, and continue to be, beacons of hope for our world, to your teachers, and to each other during these very sad and difficult times herunterladen. Feeling angry, sad, and confused are perfect feelings during times of injustice. We should never accept and get comfortable with people who murder and hurt others helvetica new download for free. Saint Mary’s as a Lasallian Catholic school is here to always support life and justice for all people, especially the poor and the marginalized in our country robot karolen. We have programs in place to have difficult conversations and to learn from each other’s experiences.

I encourage you all to vote and pre-register to vote antrag arbeitslosengeld herunterladen. The moment you are able to vote, please do so with your conscious and your hearts. Encourage your family members to vote. Vote for change if you do not like what you are seeing and hearing herunterladen. Vote to help protect the rights for all people. Vote and pray to bring an end to injustice.

Also, remember why you are not on-campus. The world is still dealing with a pandemic that is killing thousands of people herunterladen. Please do not forget to follow the CDC and county health guidelines. Even though you may be feeling frustrated, this virus can seriously harm or kill you or your family members fonts for openoffice. Please remain vigilant.  

Finally, Saint Mary’s! Take care of each other. Community Block, Inclusive Community Project, and your courses come to close next Thursday i cloud foto's downloaden. Remain in contact with one another and take care of each other. You are all so important to us. We care about you. We pray for you. We also have great hope in all of you.