Freshman Drop-Off on Monterey Avenue

Thank you to the families from the Class of 2020 for using the Monterey Avenue entrance for student drop-off and pick-up.

As you are aware, Saint Mary’s requires that freshman parents who drive their child to school use the designated drop-off area on Monterey Avenue. The purpose of the freshman drop-off area is to disperse the amount of vehicles arriving to campus in the morning. This will alleviate traffic congestion at the Albina and Posen entrances.

1. Parents must pull off of the street into either the drop-off zone in front of the Monterey Avenue gate entrance or into the bus stop.

2. Students who are dropped off in the drop-off zone should be careful but move quickly when exiting the car to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

3. Please be sure to keep your music off.

4. U-Turns are not allowed on Monterey Avenue.

5. Please do not double park at or near any pick-up or drop-off zone.

Click here to view the drop-off zone for freshmen

Click here for the Commuting to School webpage.