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Welcome Class of 2028


Saint Mary’s New Student Registration Page

Welcome Class of 2028 to

Saint Mary’s College High School

Registration is now closed!

“We are happy that you have chosen Saint Mary’s as your high school! We are excited to have you as a part of our community!”

  • A student is fully registered at Saint Mary’s when the online registration forms, tuition contract, and the $850.00 non-refundable registration fee have all been submitted.
  • Please understand that Saint Mary’s is under a strict enrollment restriction set by the City of Albany.

In preparation for the quick decision you must make on which school you wish to attend, we invite you to review the three important documents below:

  • Saint Mary's College High School - A Lasallian Catholic School - Who We Are  – click here
  • Saint Mary’s Student & Parent Handbook – click here
  • Saint Mary’s Traffic and Parking Handbook – click here
If you would like to buy some Saint Mary's gear, shop at the Panther Store with the link below:


Please refer to the instructions that are included in the online decision email or follow the instructions listed below:

We will close the registration WHEN THE CLASS OF 2028 IS FULL.

The registration portal will open on Saturday, March 16 at 3:00 pm. Saint Mary's is under an enrollment restriction set by the City of Albany. As a result, registration will remain open and active until the Class of 2028 is full.

To begin, the registration link will always be on the top of this page, or you can click here.

1. Enter the unique SNAPCODE for your child that was included with your acceptance decision email. Please enter this code and then click “Continue”.

At the “Sign In” and “Create Account” screen, read carefully and follow the directions to create a PowerSchool Online Registration account. This account is not the same as the one you will make on the school side of PowerSchool later on as a parent. Once completed, you will return to the “Sign In” page and start your online registration.

It is important to create only one account per household so that the system will be able to save and access your information correctly. Keep a record of your user ID and password since you will need them to re-enroll your child at Saint Mary's each school year.

If you misplace your snapcode, please contact Carol Balding at [email protected]. If you need to recover your password at any time, contact Carol Balding to reset or change your password.

2. Review the “Introduction” page and click “Next” to enter the forms.

  • Please read each question and answer carefully.
  • Please be sure that all answers and information given are correct ~ we import this information into PowerSchool, our school database, and need current and accurate information.
  • An answer is required for all fields with a red asterisk.
  • If you wish to complete the registration form over more than one sitting, click the “Save & Logout” tab located at the top of the instructions and return at a later time.
  • If you need assistance completing the online registration, please contact Carol Balding at [email protected]. We can arrange for you to come in and use a computer to complete the registration.
3. Clicking “Next” on the final form page will take you to the “Review & Submit” page. Again, review the information you entered carefully (check spelling and numbers). If you would like to make a change, click on the underlined field or click “Prev” to return to the forms.

Note: On the “Review & Submit” page, you will be alerted if any required field has not been answered. You will not be able to continue until all required fields are completed.

4. When you are satisfied with the information entered, click "Submit" in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen. A student is fully registered at Saint Mary’s when the online registration form, tuition contract, and the $850.00 non-refundable registration fee have all been received.

5. You will receive an email confirmation from PowerSchool Registration once your registration form has been electronically submitted.


HSPT Test Results

If your child took the High School Placement Test (HSPT) in January 2024, test results will be emailed to you directly from Scholastic Testing Service (STS) on Friday, March 15, 2024. This email will be sent to the contact email address provided on the test registration. If you do not receive your child’s test results, please call the testing service directly at 1.800.642.6787.


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Have questions about tuition assistance/appeal?

If you have any questions about your tuition assistance award, please contact Mr. Calvin Deng, Director of Finance, at [email protected]. Any appeal may only result in a slight change in the tuition assistance award.