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Attendance Hotline

To report student absences call: 510-559-6211
11.2 Excused Absence If a student is to be absent for any reason, a parent must telephone the school Attendance Voicemail Line at (510) 559-6211 before 9:00 a.m. each morning of the absence. The voicemail should clearly provide the following: a) Student’s name. b) Date(s) of absence. c) Date of return. d) Reason for the absence.
  1. The school reserves the right to challenge the absence from classes.
  2. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule legal and medical appointments at the end of the school day or during vacations.
  3. Students are allowed to make up all assignments, examinations, tests, or quizzes when they return from an excused absence. Make-up test and other assignments must be arranged with the teacher(s) upon the student’s return to school.
  4. For absences of relatively short duration, students are required to turn in assignments for any classes they miss within a reasonable time frame determined by the teacher. Generally, one extra day is given for a one-day absence, two days for a two-day absence, and so on.
11.10 Early Dismissal
  1. Should it be necessary for a student to leave before the end of the school day, an off campus permit must be obtained from the Main Office.
  2. Students’ parents or guardians must call the Attendance Line 510-559-6211 or the Main Office 510-526-9242. (Do not leave a voicemail on this line.)
  3. The parent’s/guardian’s message should include the reason for the early dismissal, the departure time and the time returning to school, if applicable.
  4. Upon returning to campus, the student must report to the Main Office.
  5. In order to ensure student safety and parent awareness, faxes and emails are not accepted means for parents to communicate a student’s reason for an early dismissal.
  6. Only the Principal, the Dean of Students, or another senior administrator can approve a student leaving school during regular hours with the prior knowledge of the students’ parents.
  7. No teacher or other school employee my give a student permission to leave the school premises.
  8. Leaving school grounds without an off-campus permit is truancy and will result in a suspension from school.
  9. A call will be made to the parent or guardian to pick up the student from the Main Office. Students are not allowed to use their cell phones and obtain permission outside the Main Office.
  10. Students may not leave school without authorization from the Main Office.