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School President for 2024-2025 School Year

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School President
School President for 2024-2025 School Year
1294 Albina Ave - Berkeley, CA 94706
Saint Mary’s College High School seeks a gifted, forward-looking leader with a strong commitment to Lasallian Catholic education and values, the credibility to lead and represent a diverse school with integrity and love, a passion for building relationships, the ability to develop and unite the community around a future-oriented vision, a track record of successful institutional advancement, and demonstrated success in strategic and financial leadership.

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of Saint Mary’s College High School and, as such, is ultimately responsible for its academic, institutional, and operational programs. The President is immediately responsible to the Board of Trustees, which, in turn, is responsible to the Brothers of the Christian Schools of the District of San Francisco New Orleans and its Lasallian Education Corporation.

The President is primarily responsible for the business health of the school, including developing a sound financial strategy that enables the school to achieve annual operational objectives and longer-range strategic plans, institutional advancement, and matters related to facilities, contracts, and risk management.

The President is also responsible for the organizational and cultural health of the community including creating and maintaining an environment that is respectful, inclusive, stimulating, and professional for faculty, staff, and students.

The President must be a visible, authentic, and present leader, on and off campus, actively engaging with students, faculty, parents, alumni, and the extended community.

Finally, in close partnership with the Principal, the President ensures that the community’s vision for academic excellence and innovation is fully realized.
Competitive and commensurate with experience
The successful candidate for President will be:

Mission Focused
● A practicing Roman Catholic whose faith is visible and inspiring in daily life and work.
● Enthusiastic about and committed to the Saint Mary’s College High School mission and the Lasallian vision for education. Be an advocate for excellence in education and for social justice. Have a passion for the human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor and marginalized.

Forward Thinking
● A person with a vision and a strategic thinker. Have experience planning, leading, and implementing change for the better. Empower others as partners for the future.
● Committed to continuous learning, development, and growth.

Competent in Matters Related to the Business Health of the School
● Experienced in developing and implementing a successful business model, including operational and longer-term financial planning and management.
● Successful in fundraising, including the ability to build and lead a successful Institutional Advancement team. Passionate about personally developing relationships with current benefactors as well as fearless outreach to cultivate new investors in the mission of Saint Mary’s College High School.
● Skilled at negotiating and managing contracts and agreements related to facilities, construction, real estate, capital expenditures, and other major transactions.
● Motivated to explore mutually beneficial strategic partnerships to advance the mission.

Responsive to the Local Landscape
● Someone who understands, appreciates, and effectively responds to the unique dynamics of operating a Catholic high school in the Bay Area, including authentically responding to the needs of a diverse community, changing demographics, the impact of the high cost of living on financials, and the competition for students.
● Someone who engages with neighbors, managing the relationships with the cities of Berkeley and Albany, and keeping the community apprised of events and developments impacting Saint Mary’s College High School.

A Community Leader
● A transparent, visible, and inspiring leader and manager with a demonstrated record of accomplishment.
● A person who successfully builds competent, empowered, and effective teams of colleagues through a commitment to collaboration, clarity of purpose, and accountability.
● Someone who is successful at sharing leadership with others through effective delegation of responsibilities.
● A relationship-builder who genuinely cares about the interests of community members. A visible and engaged presence on campus.
● An excellent and transparent communicator who is interpersonally gifted and builds trust. Empathetic, listens effectively, and authentically connects with broad and diverse constituents.
● A leader who embraces the fundamental values of cultural, religious, racial, and socio-economic inclusion and diversity.
● Someone who has the wisdom and courage to make thoughtful and difficult decisions, trusted by the community to be in the best interests of the school.

Someone Who Is Educated and Values Education
● Have a bachelor’s or advanced degree with a minimum of 10 years of leadership related experience.
● Have experience with Catholic education.
Start Date
Competitive and commensurate with experience
Contact Mr. David Topete, Board Vice Chair
Phone: (510) 526-9242
Fax: (510) 559-6277
1294 Albina Avenue, Peralta Park, Berkeley, CA 94706