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Lasallian Educational Outcomes - LEOs

A Saint Mary’s College High School graduate…


Spiritual: Engages life consciously and acquires a Lasallian Catholic worldview inspired by the Gospel, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle .


Physical: Demonstrates respect for the truth and goodness of God’s universe.

Emphasis: Acquiring scientific knowledge and method .

Stewarding the environment.

Attending to health and fitness .

Participating in athletics and the arts.

Relating to the materials of artistic expression .


Emotional: Responds positively to the creative potential of emotion.

Emphasis: Expressing oneself skillfully and authentically .

Coping with adversity.

Appreciating the blessings of success .

Developing empathy.

Setting goals and realizing hope.


Intellectual: Is academically prepared for college; is curious about the world; and demonstrates disciplined, imaginative thinking .

Emphasis: Accessing and analyzing information.

Thinking critically, solving problems, and making informed decisions .

Communicating effectively orally and in writing.

Transferring skills and knowledge to new situations .

Using technology effectively.


Communal: Actively contributes to communities, ranging from local to global, based on the recognition that we are responsible for each other .

Emphasis: Advocating for the poor.

Seeking social justice.

Building community amid diversity.

Serving the community with respect and love.


Integral: Becomes an independent, responsible, and reflective person.

Emphasis: Developing discernment and sound moral judgment.

Developing resiliency in the face of challenge.

Connecting academic disciplines.

Realizing one’s personal learning style