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Athletic Department Directory

Athletic Administration    
Omar Sanchez Director of Athletics  Email
Kevin Flemer Assistant Athletic Director Email
Sports Information    
Open Sports Information Coordinator Email
Athletic Training    
Brian Shea Head Athletic Trainer Email
Sports Performance    
Matthew Shaffer Director of Sports Performance  Email
Varsity Coaches    
John Trotman Jr. Head Coach Email
Aaron Mercadel  Defensive Coordinator/ Linebacker Coach  Email
Tom Casassa  Wide Receiver/Tight Ends Coach Email
Gary Conlon Offensive Line Coach Email
Brent Jones Offensive Line Coach Email
Glen Pettis RB/DB Coach  Email
Donnell Carson Defensive Line Coach Email 
Junior Varsity     
Ronald Vega Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator/ Linebackers   Email
Robert Vasquez Offensive/Defensive Line Coach Email
Mario Jones  Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs Coach Email
Lavar Hughes  Offensive Coordinator/RB Coach Email
Girl's Volleyball    
Chris Martinez Varsity - Head Coach Email
Pamela Dungo Varsity - Asst. Coach Email
Jose Vargas Junior Varsity Head Coach, Frosh/Soph Co-Head Coach Email
Azure'D Nunley Frosh/Soph Co-Head Coach Email
Cross Country    
Denis Mohun Varsity Girl's - Head Coach Email
Jeff Rogers Varsity Boy's - Head Coach Email
Ben Turman Varsity Boy's - Assistant Coach Email
Ariana Corwin Junior Varsity Girl's - Head Coach Email
Craig Sutphin Junior Varsity Boy's - Head Coach Email
Danilo Garcia Intern--Junior Varsity Boy's Email
Girl's Tennis    
Mike Sommers Varsity - Head Coach Email
Elliot Nguyen Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Girl's Golf    
Patrick Rau Varsity - Head Coach Email
Girl's Rugby    
Adam Chaffey Head Coach  Email
Boy's Soccer    
Wissem Bouali Varsity - Head Coach Email
Joe Alexander-Short  Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Aureo Mesquita Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Juan Alejandre JV - Head Coach Email
Ruben Ademorna JV - Assistant Coach Email
Niall Irwin Volunteer Assistant Email
Girl's Soccer    
Mary Julia Orozco Varsity - Head Coach Email
Sammy Blandon Varsity Assistant Coach Email
Rigo Orozco Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Benjamin Herrera Junior Varsity - Head Coach Email
Boy's Basketball    
Del Curry Varsity - Head Coach Email
Jack Soldavini Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Anthony Perkins Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Kevin Page Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Tremaine Moore Junior Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Miles Curry Junior Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Robert Vasquez Frosh/Soph - Head Coach Email
Girl's Basketball    
Tannea Nelson Varsity - Head Coach Email
Anna Stroter Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Jannie Jackson Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Azure'D Nunley JV- Co-Head Coach Email
Patrick Rau JV - Co-Head Coach Email
Christina Duffala Varsity - Head Coach Email
Mallory Thomas Varsity - Head Coach Email
Track & Field    
Jay Lawson Varsity - Head Coach (Sprints) Email
Jeff Rogers Varsity - Head Coach (Jumps) Email
Denis Mohun Varsity - Assistant Coach (Distance) Email
Moses Jocko Varsity/JV - Hurdles Email
Ben Turman Varsity/JV - Distance Email
Craig Sutphin Junior Varsity - Sprints Email
Ariana Corwin Junior Varsity - Distance Email
Demian Luper Varsity/JV - Throws Email
Matthew Shaffer  Sprinters Coach Email
Kevin Flemer Varsity - Head Coach Email
Casey Filson Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Paul Flemer Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Corey Dunlap JV - Head Coach Email
Jeff Ransom JV - Assistant Coach Email
Bert Bertero JV- Assistant Coach Email
Enrique Gonzalez Varsity - Head Coach Email
Ashley Aguayo Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Kareem Weaver Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Yasmeen Boulware Varsity - Assistant Coach Email
Boy's Volleyball    
Open Varsity - Head Coach  
Open Varsity - Assistant Coach  
Boy's Tennis    
Elliott Nguyen Varsity - Head Coach Email
Mike Sommers Varsity - Assistant  Email
Boy's Golf    
Patrick Rau Varsity - Head Coach Email
Joe Rohlfes Varsity - Head Coach Email