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Student Life Overview

The Purpose of Student Life

The purpose of Saint Mary’s Student Life Program is to provide a structure guided by Lasallian values which students attending Saint Mary’s College High School will work together with the school’s administration, faculty, and staff to provide programs for students and the school community that emphasize Saint Mary’s Learning Outcomes (LEO’s) and Lasallian Core Principles .

The Student Government of Saint Mary’s College High School shall assist the Administration in creating programs for a school community that:

Are cared for and learn to care for themselves and others;

Are challenged to engage in meaningful experiences which break down barriers that divide people;

Are provided a college preparatory academic, athletic, and fine arts program;

Are safe and feel safe;

Learn to become critical and independent thinkers with a lifelong love of learning;

Are provided opportunities for developing leadership skills and fostering a sense of community service;

Learn to discern right from wrong;

Learn to love one another as Christ loves us .

The Student Government will work directly with the Vice Principal and the Activities Team to build effective partnership between home and school .

Objectives of the Saint Mary’s College High School’s Student Life Program

Join the administration, faculty, staff, parents and/or guardians, and alumni in building and promoting programs that emphasize and infuse the following values:

Patience, Joy, Integrity, Self-Worth, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding, Inclusivity, Justice, Forgiveness, and Peace .

To sponsor activities and programs to:

ensure that the Lasallian Mission is lived at Saint Mary’s;

enhance the quality of student life and create fun activities for the school community;

foster pride in being associated with the school;

support and represent programs that embrace an inclusive community;

demonstrate support of our teachers, students, and one another;

demonstrate and educate emphasizing Lasallian Core Principles .

Create programs, activities, and opportunities for students to interact socially with one another to build a community of spirit and pride.