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Lasallian Days

Lasallian Days Program

The Lasallian Days program takes place over two days during each term for students to participate in spiritual, educational, and social opportunities without missing instructional time.


Important educational opportunities exist outside of the traditional classroom. The De La Salle Christian Brothers believe that it is the job of Lasallian educators to “touch the hearts, minds, and souls” of their students. This means that teachers are engaged in the students’ lives as mentors through retreats, educational excursions, service work, and cultural experiences. Joining the faculty in their work in student mentorship are many Saint Mary’s alumni and parents who provide unique professional insights and career opportunities.


The topics and programs created for Lasallian Days are designed to inform and meet the current and future needs of students by class level.

Freshman Program

Theme: Commitment

Our freshman take time to reflect on their commitment to their education, family, friends, their future role at Saint Mary’s, and to themselves while visiting Mont La Salle in Napa. This reflection and discussion is led by our student leaders. Freshman also participate in environmental service projects and field trips related to their biology curriculum.


In addition, freshman participate in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) workshops with the members of the Counseling Department as they explore topics such as respect for one another, health and wellness, as well as discussing the many dangerous “social traps” that numerous people choose, hurtful to both others and themselves.


Sophomore Program

Theme: Celebrating World Cultures

Lasallian Day activities and information for sophomores enhance our English and social studies curriculum, in particular, World History and World Literature.  Guest speakers, service, and activities are focused on the world’s cultures and bringing awareness of financial and social poverty around the world. The sophomores also participate in a one-day retreat at Saint Mary’s College, and during this day they begin their journey of discernment towards a future, college academic career.


Junior Program

Theme: Choices


The juniors focus on the theme of “Making Good Choices” during their overnight retreat experience by deepening their understanding their personality type and learning styles. The workshops held center on key ethical and moral issues within today’s society and how to manage decision-making in their daily lives and in the future sphere of the professional world. These sessions are led by faculty, alumni and parent panels.  The juniors also begin their College U workshops which allows them to begin the college application process with the guidance of our college counselors.


Senior Program

Theme: Journey


The majority of Saint Mary’s seniors participate in one of three overnight retreats centered on the theme of Journey. The Lasallian Days program also provides workshops, support, and TIME for the seniors to complete college applications, college essays, and financial assistance. This is followed in the winter and spring workshops, including presentations by alumni and parent experts, on what they need to know about law and finance when they turn 18.  Additional presentations are focused on career options, job skills, and managing their own social and emotional learning in college.