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As a  Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, the retreat program holds an important place in the development of the spiritual life of our students at Saint Mary’s College High School.  It is in spending time away from the normal routine of things where students have the opportunity to reflect deeply upon the many facets of their lives.  Being on retreat offers the individual student a chance to consider the role of relationships, community, God, service, spirituality, and many more areas and topics essential to growth as a person intending to reach his or her full potential .

Retreat has been an integral part of the Lasallian tradition since the founding of the Brothers in 1680 by Saint John Baptist de La Salle.  The Brothers were gathered yearly or and eight-day retreat structured around a series of meditations written by De La Salle.  Central to these traditions was the belief that a person could not spiritually give of himself or herself if he or she had not taken the time to develop the inner spirit of faith by reflecting  not only upon the experiences of life, but also how God’s loving guidance has been present in those events and experiences .

The retreat program has a full scope and sequence that builds upon itself, and also is designed to be developmentally appropriate for students at each of the four years in high school as they develop their spirit of faith along with their skills of reasoning.  By clicking on the “plus” in the left-hand menu, fuller descriptions for each of the retreat programs may be accessed .