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Which iPad do I purchase?

Considering which of the various versions of iPad to purchase can be challenging. This guide will walk you through the various option in model, memory sizes and options that will best suite your student for use during their high school years and beyond.

iPads come in five models and with memory capacity ranging from 16GB to 128GB and each has a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular option. The first thing to consider is longevity of use, keeping in mind the practicality of the device throughout their high school years and post high school educational goals. The rule of thumb we recommend is to purchase as newer a model with as much memory as is practicable.

Capacity: iPads come in sizes of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB depending on the model . We recommend that you consider the 32GB models or above since this offers larger storage capacity for textbooks, videos, photos and other related school work. The 16GB version could be used but may require the addition of storing some files off the iPad to make room for textbooks which can be quite large at 1GB to 2GB in size.

Cellular enabled iPads: We do not recommend the purchase of an iPad with the Wi-Fi + Cellular option since this option could incur monthly charges and prices can range between $120.00 and $130.00 more than the Wi-Fi only versions . Saint Mary’s has updated its network infrastructure to accommodate the added number of devices on campus and a cellular network enabled iPad is not necessary for normal school usage. If you opt to purchase an iPad with cellular connectivity, students will be required to have the feature turned off while on campus.

iPad Models

iPad 9.7″: This is the latest version of iPad and comes in two memory sizes of 32GB and 128GB.

iPad Pro 10.5: This iPad version is available in three memory sizes of 64GB, and 256GB, and 512GB .

The iPad Air and the 4th generation iPads: These models are the older supported iPads. They are available in memory sizes of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions.

iPad Mini 7.9″: The iPad Mini is also a recommended device. The newest version is available in a 128GB versions. The first generation iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Mini 4 models have been discontinued by Apple and are no longer supported.

Not Recommended iPads: The 1st generation, iPad 2, and 3rd generation iPads are not recommended models . These model’s have been discontinued by Apple and are no longer supported. The major disadvantage is that their operating systems can no longer be updated to the latest iOS versions

For a complete list of iPad models options, and prices, visit Apple’s website that compares the various iPad models.

Additional Information

Where to Buy: iPads can be purchased from the Apple Store, from Apple’s online store, or from a number of home electronic retailers. If you purchase your iPad directly from Apple, students can take a free workshop to help get familiar with your new device.

Apple Certified Refurbished: Apple’s Certified Refurbished website is a great place to find deals on used iPads . Visit them at their Shop Refurbished Page.

Apple Care: Saint Mary’s strongly recommends the purchase of Apple Care for your student’s iPad. Visit Apple’s Apple Care for iPads page to learn more.