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Faculty Class Pages

Fall T1 2022-2023 Teaching Schedule

These are not links but a listing of the current Saint Mary's teaching schedule. Schoology does not offer public views of the class pages. Students must log into Schoology to view the class pages. We hope to onboard our parents after Labor Day.

Mr. Alvarez:
Ms. Becerra:
Mr. Chaffey:
Brother Dan:
Not teaching T1
Ms. Chua:
Dr. Chuang:
Ms. Davey:
Ms. Duffala:
Ms. Fernandez:
Mr. Filson:
Mr. Flemer:
Ms. Gallien:
Mr. Gonzalez:
Ms. Harkness:
Dr. Imperial:
Ms. Jaeger:
Mr. Kelly:
Ms. Khan:
Mr. Lawson:
Ms. Libby:
Ms. Mahoney:
Mr. Marks:
Ms. McConnell:
Ms. McCormick:
Ms. McManus:
Mr. Mesquita:
Ms. Miller:
Mr. Mohun:
Ms. Molinelli:
Mr. Molnar:
Mr. Mosby:
Mr. Nguyen:
Mr. Pacheco:
Ms. Panlilio:
Ms. Paulson:
Ms. Payne:
Mr. Petersen:
Ms. Policar:
Mr. Riccardi:
Mr. Rogers:
Mr. Ruiz:
Ms. Sachowitz:
Mr. Shaffer:
Mr. Sutphin:
Ms. Tansey:
Not teaching during Fall T1
Mr. Thomas;
Dr. Tierney:
Dr. Troyani:
Ms. Walton:
Dr. Wesley: