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“Know each student as an individual person, treating each differently according to personal need, and forming a friendly relationship with each.  Express love in kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, and tenderness in order to win their hearts.  Without this kind of relationship,
there cannot be significant learning.”
– Brother Augustine Loes
           Core Principles                  SEL Wheel

The Saint Mary's College High School Counselors provide academic and personal support to students with the goal of providing a mediated learning experience. Our purpose is to walk alongside students during their high school journey.

We are guided by two documents: The Lasallian Core Principles and the Core Competencies of Social and Emotional Learning which inform how we support overall student development and well-being.

The following three areas are interwoven throughout a students high school career: Personal &

Social Goals - Students acquire the interpersonal and communication skills to increase their understanding and respect of self and others .

Academic Goals - Students develop a wide range of academic skills and Habits of Scholarship to become effective advocates and agents of their learning.

Post Secondary-College Planning Goals - Through information sessions and by making resources available to research and apply to college, students are able to plan and make decisions about their future .

All students will meet with their counselor at a minimum twice an academic year . Students are also encouraged to meet with their Counselor as issues or situations arise where they may need a Counselor’s support.

Students may schedule and appointment by:

  • Dropping  by the Counseling Center in Saint Joseph Hall to schedule an appointment
  • Emailing their Counselor 
Parents may make an appointment by emailing their child's counselor.