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Changing The Game | Science TeachingSaint Mary’s prepares our students to take college admissions exams by employing The College Board’s suite of standardized exams using a test-retest protocol. Our students take the 8/9 for freshmen, PSAT 10 for sophomores, PSAT for juniors, and the SAT for juniors and seniors in October and April. This allows us to measure individual student academic growth and our program’s effectiveness. Our testing protocol also doubles students’ opportunity to practice taking the college entrance exam in a no-stakes environment.


Our students take the SAT twice (April of junior year, and October of senior year) on our campus on a school day, rather than at another school site on a Saturday. The cost of the exams is included in Saint Mary’s tuition. The Saint Mary’s Class of 2019 had an average SAT score of 1195. Nationally, the average SAT score in 2019 was 1059.


In addition, practice SAT and ACT exams are offered to juniors in December. We partner with test-prep companies to offer ACT and SAT practice exams on campus free of charge. Saint Mary’s also offers SAT and ACT prep classes on campus in the early evenings in February and March. These classes are taught by Saint Mary’s teachers at times that match student schedules, and at a price affordable to all students.