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Our Saint Mary’s Mission Statement and Lasallian Educational Outcomes are witness to our commitment to diversity. We believe that our school must be an example of men and women of various cultures, identities, and backgrounds working together to create one, united community. With this goal in mind, Saint Mary’s does not allow or support clubs or organizations that divide the community by ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or economics.

There are opportunities offered throughout the year when we learn from and celebrate the many cultural and social differences that make Saint Mary’s a dynamic and vibrant community. Through our curriculum and programs, we are committed to continually exploring the best ways to integrate various perspectives through literature, the arts, history, religious studies, and the Inclusive Community Project.

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Anime Club – Moderator: Mr. Thomas

The Anime Club meets weekly to watch different anime series which are decided by club members with approval of the moderator.  The Anime Club hosts a movie night which is open to all students and facilitates a group trip to Fanime Con at the end of May .

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Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Shea 102 (Media Lab)

Art Club – Moderator:  Ms. Jaeger


Art Club provides an opportunity for people who are interested in expressing their individuality through the creation of artworks. It’s open to everyone. You don’t need any prior experience. You can be in the visual art classes now or you may be completely new to art and want a place to express yourself. We are here to have fun in a relaxed and chill setting to work on art or have discussions about art.  No pressure. In the art club students can experiment with various art materials in a personalized, open and exploratory manner.  This may be working with various techniques in drawing and painting, ceramics, various crafts, and mixed media.  Students may work on projects of their own interest or may use the time as an extension of being in one of the art classes.   We give back to our community, school, and others, using our talents and gifts in unique ways. Art Club, a fun way to hang out with other artists!


Some past projects have included Service Sign making for sports games and senior night for sports, mini Sculpey sculpture, Jewelry making, doodling, cartooning, cardmaking, pumpkin carving, printmaking, and art contests like Doodle 4 Google and National YoungArts Foundation.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Shea 101 (Art Room)


Baker’s Club – Moderator: Ms. McCormick

The Baker’s Club is open to all who enjoy baking. We sell our delicious creations to support our Lasallian Twin School, Saint Mary’s in Kenya.  Our goal is to make over $1,000 per year for Kenya but also to enrich different events, like the Crab Feed, Christmas cookie decorating and run theater intermissions.

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Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Brennan 413 (meets every other week beginning September 22)


BBQ Club – Moderator:  Mr. Voltaire

Want to change the world? Want to make friends? Want to learn a skill that will make you the most popular guy or gal at the picnic? Join the BBQ Club.  Everyone claims they’re club is cookin’. Ours does literally.  We cook at after-school parties, and lead the way to world peace through the grill.

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Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Murphy 226

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) – Moderator: Ms. McManus

The California Scholarship Federation, usually called CSF, is a statewide honor society that fosters high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of California high school students . The motto of CSF is Scholarship for Service. The state central office of CSF approves our courses that make you eligible for membership. Membership is for one trimester and is based on trimester grades earned during students 10th - 12th grade in high school. Students may join only during the application period of each trimester. Membership is not required and it is not automatic; students need to reapply each trimester they are eligible. Generally, students need three A’s and one B in approved courses to be eligible to apply; however, students who are taking honors and AP classes may be eligible with fewer A’s.  Students who are members for 6 trimesters, will receive recognition at graduation as being a “CSF lifetime member “.  Students who have questions about eligibility should check with the moderator. No meetings scheduled – students need to submit their CSF forms after the end of each trimester.

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Celebrating Cultures & Traditions – Moderators:  Mr. Riccardi & Ms. Sachowitz

This organization honors and celebrates the traditions and festivities of the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up the very special community of Saint Mary’s students and their families. Through discussions, meetings, and activities, our club will both engage and include the entire community in becoming aware and celebrating what makes each of us unique and special as well as united by coming to one table for food and fun throughout the school year . The culminating celebration of our year will be the school-wide “Culture and Tradition Fair” in May.

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Meeting Time & Location:  Thursday during Club Time in Frates 323 

Circle SM – Moderators:  Ms. Molinelli & Ms. Nunley

The Saint Mary’s College High School Circle SM is a student organization whose members represent the student body in various forms of leadership and service.  This includes being the ambassadors of the SMCHS community at many school events, representing the Saint Mary’s student body with the offices of the President, the Principal, Admissions, Alumni, Advancement and Campus Ministry.  As members of Circle SM, students are given the opportunity to develop their skills of leadership and public relations which include, but are not limited to, greeting and directing the public and impromptu speaking on topics related to our Saint Mary’s College High School Community. No weekly meetings scheduled - We will meet as needed to prepare for events.  Leadership Training sessions are required. 

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Cosmology Club – Moderator: Mr. Palladino

Do you know what the Fermi paradox, Shrodinger’s cat, and the Many World’s Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics all have in common? Come and find out by joining the Cosmology Club. Through our meetings and discussion’s we will achieve a better understanding of the origins of our universe and theorize the reason for our existence.  We’ll watch videos, have discussions about cosmology topics and even venture out to do some star gazing.

Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Brennan 403

Creative Writers’ Club: PARADOX – Moderator: Ms. Mahoney

Come and write your voice!  The Creative Writers’ club exists as a means of publishing the Saint Mary’s literary magazine, PARADOX, and of creating a supportive, collaborative creative writing community on campus.  Members write together, offer one another positive feedback and share ideas.  You will play with your writing, completing many casual pieces, as well as working toward more polished work.

Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Frates 321

Environmental Club – Moderator:  Dr. Tierney

This club will focus on promoting and educating students on the importance of environmental awareness in our community.  We hope that through education our Saint Mary’s community will understand the importance of appreciating and respecting our environment.

Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Brennan 413 (meets every other week beginning September 22)

Game Club Moderator: Mr. Thomas

The Gaming Club is a club for students interested in all forms of gaming whether it is console games, PC games, card games, board games or pen and paper role playing games. Smash Bros, Magic, Monopoly, Minecraft, Dungeons & Dragons – you name it, we play it. We will have time to play with friends after a week of hard work. We’ll host a Game Night & go to The Big Bad Con in October. 

Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Friday after school in the library

Improv Club – Moderator:  Ms. Davey


Calling all students who enjoy playing improv games! We’ll practice our improv and acting skills while having fun and eating snacks.  Occasional campus performances for interested members!


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in the Auditorium

Ministry Team – Moderator:  Mr. Alvarez


Join the Ministry Team to help plan liturgies, prayer services and other spiritual activities.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Thursday during Club Time in the Chapel

Mock Trial – Moderator:  Ms. Gallien


The Alameda County Mock Trial Competition is a countywide high school criminal trial competition designed to increase understanding of our judicial system and the processes necessary to create a just society. Students will work with their team to develop cases for both th, e prosecution and defense sides; come competition time, they will have to be prepared to present both arguments . Each side will appoint students who will take on the roles of trial attorneys, witnesses, and pre-trial attorneys, in addition to one bailiff and one timekeeper. They will work together as a team to craft a strong, comprehensive, well-developed case that they will later present in competition in early February. Season runs from September-February.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Tuesday during A-Block & Wednesday during Club Time in Frates 325


National Honor Society (NHS) – Moderator:  Ms. Policar


More than just an honor society, NHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.   At the same time, Saint Mary’s NHS students also serve as after-school tutors for their fellow Panthers.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Frates (meets every other week at 2:10 pm beginning September 22)


National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA), Majorette & Dance Team – Moderator: Ms. Paulson


NHSDA is a program of the National Dance Education Organization that helps to advance the field of dance education while recognizing outstanding artistic merit, leadership and academic achievement in students studying dance by fostering an understanding of, and an appreciation for, dance as a true art form.  Induction into NHSDA is earned through the accumulation of 30 points awarded for meritorious work in dance that meets the honor society’s general guidelines.  In addition, students must meet a minimum 3.00 GPA requirement and demonstration of character, manifested through collaborative teamwork, motivation, and leadership in the many aspects of dance that may include choreography, performance, teaching, and production.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Tuesday during A-Block in the Auditorium


Outdoor Club – Moderators:  Mr. Kelly & Dr. Wesley


The Outdoor Club welcomes students and faculty to participate in recreational activities outside the classroom and in the natural environment. We hike, rock climb, camp, play in the snow, and more depending on interest of the group.  Past events have included kayaking and horse-back riding. We strive to create a sense of community and stewardship among our members. No previous experience necessary, all who have a sense of adventure are welcome.


Moderator Emails: &

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Murphy 212


Panther Press – Journalism – Moderator: Ms. Mahoney


Calling all writers, editors, photographers and designers.  Panther Press is the official Saint Mary’s student newsletter, complete with information from Student Leadership and beyond regarding all the fun activities, programs and people Saint Mary’s is proud to be home to . This newsletter all features campus opinion columns and Panther spotlights on students, faculty and staff. Whatever talent you possess, come join us and make Panther Press a reality.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Monday during A-Block in Frates 321


Panther Production Crew – Moderators: Brother Dan & Ms. Molinelli


Interested in creating content for the morning announcements this year? This group of students helps to create, produce and edit the videos for our announcement team.


Moderator Email: &

Meeting Time & Location:  Monday during A-Block in Shea Student Life Center

Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) – Moderator: Ms. Panlilio


The PALS program is a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in a leadership role by tutoring other students.  Students who qualify to be a tutor will participate in a training program and will be paired with a peer who needs support in a particular subject.  In order to qualify as a tutor, students must be in good academic standing and have solid (E or M) habits of scholarship.  Additionally, students must complete a full course before tutoring in that specific subject area.  Tutors meet with tutees one to two times a week during lunch or A-Block. This group does not meet – students need to talk with Mrs. Panlilio if they are interested in becoming a PALS tutor. 


Moderator Email:


Pep Band – Moderator:  Mr. Nguyen


Students in Pep Band meets weekly on Mondays during A-block to prepare songs for performance at football/basketball games, pep rallies, and other athletic/school events. Pep Band is a student directed ensemble and student members must be highly committed and demonstrate the ability to rehearse and perform independently. The ability to work collaboratively in peer groups is also required.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Thursday during Club Time in the Band Room

S.A.L.T. (Social Action – Lasallian Team) – Moderators: Ms. McCormick & Mr. Sommers


S.A.L.T. engages in living the Gospel imperative through Christian Community Service.  We connect service and charity and promote social justice and social action while building community and having fun.  We engage in programs with our immediate local community, the Catholic Diocese of Oakland, and the Lasallian District of San Francisco.  We actively support our international Lasallian sisters and brothers, especially our twin school Saint Mary’s in Kenya, Bahay Pag-Asa in the Philippines, and Boys’ Town in India.


Moderator Email: &

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time in Brennan 413 (meets every other week beginning September 15)


Skateboarding Club – Moderator: Mr. Stuphin


The Saint Mary’s College High School Skateboarding Club is dedicated to empowering students in the areas of community development, creativity, personal resilience and fitness. We combine social and emotional learning with skateboarding to build creativity. No prior experience is required. Everyone is welcome.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Wednesday during Club Time at the Skate Ramp


Stagecraft Club – Moderator:  Ms. Davey


The Stagecraft Club is an organization that prepares all of the elements of stagecraft for the Performing Arts productions on our campus.  This includes the building of sets, lighting, video graphic projections, and audio mixing for all theatre, music and dance productions.  We build and become a creative technical support team, which develops professional quality skills that can lead to internships in other performance venues throughout the Bay Area.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Thursday during A-Block (and every day before a show) in the Auditorium


Student Leadership – Moderator:  Brother Matthew


Student Leadership is responsible for coordinating campus events and assemblies – including student orientations, spirit days, Homecoming, Halloween, Christmas – as well as organizing dances, parties and generally promoting school spirit and building community within our school groups. Leadership at Saint Mary’s is committed to the value of granting student’s autonomy in the governance of their affairs, as a means towards creating a community based on shared purpose, trust, and tradition.  Involvement in student leadership teaches students important lessons regarding the proper balance of freedom and responsibility.  Meetings are often throughout the week - please contact moderator for dates/times.


Moderator Email:



Yearbook – Moderator: Ms. Paulson


Be a part of documenting everything that makes Saint Mary’s so special – join the Yearbook staff! Prior experience is not necessary, but your commitment to being a part of a team to meet deadlines is! Learn how to design page spreads and use your creativity skills and imagination to capture the events happening on campus and in distance learning this year.


Moderator Email:

Meeting Time & Location:  Monday during A-Block in Shea 102 (Media Room)


Club Guidelines

Purpose of Clubs:

To create a welcoming community for all students and faculty

To plan activities that support and enhance our school mission

To build school spirit by encouraging students to gather based on their common interests

To invite other students to join and become involved in the club

To communicate and invite the school community to upcoming events