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Scholarship Funds

Saint Mary’s College High School is blessed by the generosity of donors who support her Lasallian educational mission through gifts of Endowed and Named Scholarship Funds, which can be established in memory or in honor of a specific person. Funds may also carry the name of an individual, organization, or family .

At Saint Mary’s, an Endowed Fund has the goal of providing a portion of or a full tuition in perpetuity. Each fund becomes part of the Saint Mary’s Endowment and is managed with a pool of other Endowed Funds .

Donations made to an Endowed Fund are added to its corpus. A percentage of the Fund, determined by the school’s income and distribution policy, is distributed for tuition assistance annually. The suggested amount to establish an Endowed Scholarship Fund is $50,000 or a commitment to reach that goal in a specified amount of time. A commitment of $300,000 will fund a Saint Mary’s tuition in perpetuity .

Donations to Named Funds are distributed on an annual basis. Suggested amount to establish a Named Scholarship Fund is $5,000 yearly.