Book List for 2023-2024 » Book List for 2023 - 2024

Book List for 2023 - 2024

♦ Please make sure not to purchase any digital books if you have questions regarding your schedule .

♦ Students are required to have their Fall term books on the first day of classes.

How to Purchase Your Digital Books

iBook Titles: To purchase iBook titles, first make sure you download the free iBooks app on your iPad . Then, from your iPad’s browser, navigate to this page and tap on the link associated with your book. You will be taken to the iBook store to complete your purchase and your title will download and be available through the iBook app .

Kindle Books: Purchase your books from Amazon in Kindle format. On your iPad, download the free Kindle app . Purchase your Kindle books through your computer or the iPad’s browser. After purchase, open the Kindle app on your iPad and log in with the same username and password you used to purchase your books . Tap on the ‘Cloud’ button in the app to download your books to your device.

e-Textbooks Issued to Students: For e-Textbooks that will be issued to students, your teacher will supply you with a download code and instructions at the beginning of the term .

Book List for 2023-2024
Please note that most courses have adopted e-texts for use on iPads. When purchasing e-texts, view this page on your iPad and tap on the link to purchase and download directly to the device .


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