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The Philosophy of the Enrichment Week Program

Saint John Baptist de La Salle believed that Lasallian Educators are with their students from morning to evening; this meant that the education envisioned would be characterized by a fraternal relationship between teacher and students . The Lasallian Educator is totally immersed in the life of his or her students sharing their interests, their worries, and their hopes. Lasallian Educators are not so much schoolmasters pounding truths into their heads, as they an older brother and sister who help them to discern within themselves the call of the Spirit, to come to a better understanding of what is real, to recognize their abilities, and thereby to discover progressively their place in the world .
Adapted from “The Declaration”

A part of Saint Mary’s mission is to educate the whole person by promoting the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development of each student while at the same time creating community . The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to living this commitment to educate the whole person through the curriculum, co-curricular programs, and day-to-day contact with students . Enrichment Week provides an additional means to develop and extend the school’s mission. During this special week each student will have an opportunity to choose and participate in a course that is of particular interest to him/her . The curriculum for Enrichment Week is developed by the faculty and contains a mix of academic, travel, career exploration, and recreational classes.

Participation in Enrichment Week is mandatory for all students, but the choice of specific classes is up to each individual student and his/her family . Since the program is an addition to, rather than a part of the regular curriculum, courses carry fees, which cover the cost of their materials, equipment, and/or transportation .