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Enrichment Week 2023
We are pleased to announce that the
Enrichment Week Catalog
is now available for students and parents & guardians to view (please see link above).

Please take some time to review the information at the beginning of the catalog – it includes the Origin of the SealPhilosophy of the Enrichment Week Program as well as the Policies and Procedures.  Students will be registering for their courses before Christmas vacation so it’s important that they review the catalog this weekend, so they are be prepared to choose courses by December 12.   


Choosing Courses

We will hold our Annual Enrichment Week Course Fair on Wednesday, December 7 – the teachers will be available at this time to promote their course to the students and to answer questions they may have about their courses. After the Fair, students can select three (3) courses that they would like to participate in during Enrichment Week. Almost every student will be enrolled in one of their three (3) courses they select, so it’s important to choose these courses wisely and put them in the correct order.  

  • Important: Please pay particular attention to the cost of each course, and when & where they take place.  Some courses meet off campus and at different times of the day, so students may be responsible for getting themselves to and from the activity.  Please read the details of each course before choosing it.

Priority Numbers

Students can view their priority numbers when they log in to the Enrichment Week portal on PowerSchool. Information regarding priority numbers is available in the catalog on page 4.

Course Registration

The Enrichment Week registration portal is located in each students PowerSchool account.  

  • This online portal will open this Wednesday, December 7 and will remain open until Monday, December 12 at midnight.
  • Students will need to log in to PowerSchool through the Saint Mary’s website (NOT through the iPad app!) to register for their classes.  
  • After choosing their three (3) courses, students will need to print out their registration form and get it signed by their parents/guardians and turn it in to their 1st period teacher by Wednesday, December 14.   

Scholarships & Grants

There are some scholarships available for a few courses; these courses are listed on page 5 in the catalog


In addition, there is an opportunity for students to apply for the The Cameron Fuller-Holloway Memorial Fun Fund Grant. Cam's parents will be on campus for out Enrichment Week Fair to tell students more about their son Cameron and answer questions about the grant.  Cameron attended Saint Mary's and loved Enrichment Week - his parents wanted to honor him after he passed suddenly and wanted to help other students enjoy Enrichment Week activities like he had when he attended Saint Mary's. Please see the flyer below for details. 

  • Important Dates for Enrichment Week 2023

    September 15:  Immersion & Overnight Trip Lunch Fair

    Sept. 19 & Sept. 20:  Information Night for Immersion & Overnight Trips beginning at 6:00 pm on ZOOM  

    September 27Immersion & Overnight Trip Applications due to Ms. Molinelli:  

    Early October:  Overnight Trip Rosters published – emails sent to students and parents with billing information.

    Early December:  Enrichment Week 2023 – Catalog and Priority Numbers

    December 7Enrichment Week Fair for all other courses; Registration portal opens for students to register for courses

    December 12:  Enrichment Week Registration Portal CLOSES at 12:00 midnight

    December 13 & 14:  Registration Forms Due to Homeroom Teachers

    Mid-January:  Enrichment Week Course Rosters Posted

The Philosophy of the Enrichment Week Program

Saint John Baptist de La Salle believed that Lasallian Educators are with their students from morning to evening; this meant that the education envisioned would be characterized by a fraternal relationship between teacher and students . The Lasallian Educator is totally immersed in the life of his or her students sharing their interests, their worries, and their hopes. Lasallian Educators are not so much schoolmasters pounding truths into their heads, as they an older brother and sister who help them to discern within themselves the call of the Spirit, to come to a better understanding of what is real, to recognize their abilities, and thereby to discover progressively their place in the world .
Adapted from “The Declaration”


A part of Saint Mary’s mission is to educate the whole person by promoting the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development of each student while at the same time creating community . The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to living this commitment to educate the whole person through the curriculum, co-curricular programs, and day-to-day contact with students . Enrichment Week provides an additional means to develop and extend the school’s mission. During this special week each student will have an opportunity to choose and participate in a course that is of particular interest to him/her . The curriculum for Enrichment Week is developed by the faculty and contains a mix of academic, travel, career exploration, and recreational classes.


Participation in Enrichment Week is mandatory for all students, but the choice of specific classes is up to each individual student and his/her family . Since the program is an addition to, rather than a part of the regular curriculum, courses carry fees, which cover the cost of their materials, equipment, and/or transportation .