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Policies, Procedures & Billing Info

Enrichment Week Courses

All Enrichment Week courses are philosophically based on our Lasallian Educational Outcomes (LEOs). Each course is developed and/or coordinated by a Saint Mary’s faculty member. All courses correspond with one or more of the following categories. Students are expected and encouraged to take a course from a different category each year. In this catalog, courses are identified according to a catalog number as indicated below:

1. Educational and/or Cultural Experience
2. Recreation and/or Physical Wellness
3. Service and/or Spirituality


Priority Numbers

Priority numbers are randomly generated and assigned to each student beginning in their freshman year.  These numbers are used when scheduling students into their selected courses.  Students with lower numbers are more likely to get their first or second choice in courses.  Almost every student can enroll in one of their three choices.


Course Registration

Students will choose 3 courses from the catalog and register for courses through the Enrichment Week online portal beginning in December. The link to the portal is located in the student's PowerSchool account.


Registration forms need to be printed out by each student then signed by a parent/guardian. Signed forms will be collected during their 2nd period homeroom class following registration.

Failure to turn in a signed registration form will result with the student losing their priority number.


The Enrichment Week Registration Form is not only used to register a student in a course, but it also serves as a permission slip for the student to participate.


No Repeated Courses

Students are expected to take a different course each year and they are encouraged to take one class from each category throughout their four years at Saint Mary’s. Students are not allowed to repeat a course unless approved by the course instructor and the Enrichment Week Director prior to registration day.



Many courses require some off-campus travel. Most of the off-campus travel is usually done by public transportation (BART, AC Transit, Muni). Since many students have BART tickets or a bus pass, students are responsible for the costs of local public transportation to course sites, unless otherwise specified in the final course itinerary. Transportation outside of the Bay Area will be part of the course cost and arranged by the school.


Course Itinerary

Every teacher will provide the school and each registered student with a course itinerary. This itinerary will provide day-to-day details, including meeting and departure times, activity schedules, locations for each day, and transportation information. The itinerary will be emailed to parents and/or guardians the week before Enrichment Week.


Enrichment Week Parent Meetings for Overnight Trips & Immersions

Some courses require that a parent and the student come to the Enrichment Week Parent Meeting to meet the teacher, complete the required permission forms, and obtain insurance/health care information. Some travel courses have been sponsoring on-going meetings with students and parents. The required forms for these courses will be completed in one of these sessions.


Students and their parents will be required to attend the Enrichment Week Parent Meeting in February. This is a mandatory meeting.


Billing Information for Overnight Travel & Immersions:

Families must be current with their tuition payments and approved through the Business Office BEFORE acceptance to the travel program.


The deadline to cancel and withdraw from an overnight trip is October 31, 2023. After that time deposits have been paid and a full refund is not possible.  After December 31, no refund is possible since all fees have been paid in full for all trips.


Payment for Enrichment Week courses are handled directly through the Business Office. An invoice will be billed to your Blackbaud online tuition account.  Families can split the payments into 3 installments, which are due in October, November, and December.  Trips must be paid in full by December 31.


Financial Assistance

There is no financial assistance available for Enrichment Week; however, there is limited assistance available for the Immersion Programs only. If you are requesting financial assistance for an immersion trip, please contact Calvin Deng, Director of Finance, via email at [email protected] before October 1.


Billing Information for all other courses

Saint Mary’s will bill families in February for the full cost of the course. 

Contact the Business Office with questions about billing.


No Refund

Students missing a course or a portion of a course due to an excused or unexcused absence or any tardiness will not receive a refund of money used to pay for the course. Most courses have pre-paid for materials, supplies, outside instructors, and transportation.


Cancellation of a Course or Increase in Fees

As courses are developed, teachers create a course budget and cost. Sometimes admission fares, transportation, or food costs change from the time the course was developed to the time the course is held. If there is an increase in course cost, students will be notified in advance. If a course is cancelled due to lack of enrollment or for another unforeseen reason, students will be offered an opportunity to join another course that has an opening. 


Transcripts: Enrichment Week courses will appear on students’ transcripts.



All school polices regarding attendance and tardies are in place during Enrichment Week.

If a student is ill during that week, parents need to phone in the absence to the Main Office. Notes are required when the student returns to school. Absences during Enrichment Week are included in the Spring Term reporting.


Students are required to complete the course in which they have enrolled. If a student misses a portion of the course because of an excused absence, they must make up the hours missed through an individual internship that must be approved by the Enrichment Week Program Director. The internship must be completed before the end of the school year.

  • Tardies will be handled by the Enrichment Week Director.
  •  If a student misses a half-session (over 2 hours) it will be considered an absence.
  •  If a student misses a portion of the course due to an unexcused absence, it will be considered truancy; please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for consequences on truancy.


Behavior Issues during Enrichment Week

All school polices regarding student behavior are in place during Enrichment Week. Inappropriate behavior will incur consequences during the Enrichment Week course, as well as disciplinary action at Saint Mary’s upon the students’ return.


On-Campus Courses: A student who is sent out of class while taking a course on campus is to report to the Main Office. The Enrichment Week Director will determine appropriate disciplinary action.


Off-Campus Day Courses: If a student on an off-campus course is asked to leave for behavioral reasons, the instructor of the course will phone the school and speak to the Vice Principal to determine whether the student will be picked up by a parent at the course site or the instructor will send the student home after consultation with the student’s parents.


Off-Campus Overnight Travel Courses: All school policies described in the Student-Parent Handbook are in effect during Enrichment Week, regardless of where the course is held. At the required parent meeting(s), the faculty member will discuss with parents what the procedure will be if a student needs to be sent home from the activity for his/her behavior. Inappropriate behavior will incur consequences during the Enrichment Week course, as well as disciplinary action at Saint Mary’s upon the students’ return. Parents and/or guardians incur the cost if their child has been sent home for inappropriate behavior.


If you have questions regarding Enrichment Week courses, planning and/or preparation, please contact: Cathy Molinelli via email at [email protected].