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Health Forms

Health/Emergency Form is due on or before August 3, 2020


The Health/Emergency Form MUST BE COMPLETED EACH ACADEMIC YEAR by both a parent AND physician .

Please do not submit a different physician form or attachment.   

Information requested must be ON THIS HEALTH/EMERGENCY FORM ONLY – No copies or faxes accepted

We use this form throughout the year for off-campus activities, including sports teams, overnight field trips and Enrichment Week . The 2020-2021 Health/Emergency Form must be returned on or before August 3, 2020 to fulfill each student’s registration requirements .

To comply with state law, students must have this form on file with the Registrar every academic year whether or not they are participating in a sports program .

A few insights and suggestions:

If your child has not had a physical within the last two years, make an appointment now to ensure compliance with the August 3, 2020 deadline . Physicians will not complete and sign this form if your child has not had a physical examination within the last two years.

 If your child has had a physical within the last two years, check with your physician’s office . Most doctors will usually complete and sign the Health/Emergency Form without a visit.  However, if your child plans to participate in sports, they must have a full physical each year . If you have Kaiser coverage, plan ahead as experience has shown that they usually take a minimum of two weeks to process the form .

BE SURE TO MAKE A COPY of the completed Health/Emergency Form before submitting it to the Registrar .

Submit the Health/Emergency Form to the Registrar.


Your child will NOT be considered fully registered or able to participate in a sport if there is not a completed form on file with the Registrar.

Students who do not have a fully completed Health/Emergency Form on file by August 3, 2020 will not be allowed to attend classes beginning August 28, 2020 until it is received by the Registrar.

Please feel free to email Carol Balding, Registrar, at if you have any questions regarding the Health/Emergency Form.